Which water meter is best to install in the apartment

Which water meter is best to install in the apartment

What is the water meter it is better to install in the apartment? This question is often asked by the specialists of the companies specializing in the installation of individual meters. In most cases the consumer will recommend a single jet tachometer shkolnye counters.

Tachometer single shkolnye counters

The water meters of this type have a fairly high reliability and long service life, permissible error, simple in design and affordable. That they should pay attention to if you are going to pick up and buy a water meter. This should take into account a number of nuances.

Which water meter is best to install in the apartment 2


The types of water meters

As household appliances account in Russia, the most widely used tachometer meters, whose operation is based on determining the volume passing through the water tubing by measuring the number of revolutions of the impeller or turbine. Turbine meters installed on the pipelines with a diameter of 50-200 mm, therefore, the vane housing is used, recommended for pipes with a diameter of 40 mm

What is the water meter it is better to set the apartment 1

Tachometer counters are also divided into single jet and multi-jet. The first on the impeller or turbine is affected by a single stream of water, and the second pre-divided into several jets. The advantage of the Multijet meter is a smaller error, since the measurement is not affected by eddies, which occur in a powerful stream. However for apartment-precision single-jet water meter is sufficient, while it costs less.

In addition, with the implementation of water meters tachometer type can be divided into «dry» (shkolnye) and «wet». In the past the counting mechanism is directly exposed to water, so its low quality can cause quick failure of the device. For this reason, the apartment is better to install the counters shkodnogo typein which the counting mechanism is separated from the stream by watertight bulkhead.

Which water meter is best to install in the apartment 3

Some models tachometer counters are available separately for hot and cold water. Intended for liquid with a higher temperature the flow meters used other materials, so their price is usually slightly higher. Manufacturers also produce generic countersthat can be used to account for both cold and hot water.

Most water meters tachometer provides visual testimony, however, models with pulse outputs provide the ability to transmit the measurement results remotely on an external electronic device. Currently, the requirements for establishing such devices in Russia, but in the future they can be introduced to centralized accounting for individual readings.

Which water meter is best to install in the apartment now is to solve the owner. Lifetime tachometer counter about 12 years and, therefore, the establishment of the models with impulse output is quite justified because, quite possibly, will help to avoid replacing non-defective metering device in the future.

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