Which plastic window choose and why

How to choose plastic Windows

Which plastic window choose and why? The question of choice of high-quality plastic Windows are all interested in, because the quality of window designs on the market, may differ significantly. In Moscow alone the installation of PVC Windows is offered by hundreds of companies, but not every offers a durable and functional solution that will provide real comfort.

Basic characteristics of plastic Windows

If you don’t know how to choose a plastic window properly, start to understand their characteristic features. The Foundation of any plastic Windows profile is PVC, the quality of which depends the durability and functionality of the design. The profile must have a sufficient strength ensured by the presence of a reinforcing liner, which prevents the deformation of the window under the influence of wind loads and temperature changes.

High-quality plastic Windows must meet certain standards:

  • To have a reliable insulation to protect the room from cold and wind;
  • To provide insulation, to prevent extraneous sounds;
  • To have an attractive appearance;
  • Different functionality, ventilation, easy opening and closing.

High-quality plastic Windows retain a large amount of heat in the cold season, so the most important parameter when choosing a thermal insulation, which is affected by several parameters:

  • The thickness and width of PVC profile;
  • The number of cells, they can be from 1 to 5;
  • The thickness of the glass in the package frame;
  • Tightness of contact structures to a frame rail.

Good noise isolation, plays an important role for the inhabitants of large cities, whose Windows overlook the side of the busy road. Acoustic properties are largely determined by the distance between the plates. Maximum soundproofing will provide glass, the glass that have different thickness. The large distance will create additional airspace, the overwhelming noise.

On the choice of the manufacturer

Choosing a PVC window, it is important to find a reliable company that is able to offer quality and professional installation, meet the quality standards DSTU. One of the few reliable companies on the Russian market is the company «Glavmosstroy». On the official website of the company mgsokna you can get acquainted with methods of work and production of the manufacturer and, if necessary, to get advice. Our pricing policy is very flexible allowing to deliver high-quality plastic Windows throughout the house and protect from cold and noise for many decades.

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