Which interior door is best to choose?

Which interior door is best to choose?

Which interior door is best to choose?? Today, the market represented a variety of types of interior doors, to understand this diversity, and will help this article.

Types of interior doors

Interior doors have the following characteristics, heat transfer, sound transmission, strength, durability, appearance. To combine all features at the highest level is quite difficult, because the beautiful appearance often reduces the ability of the door not to let other sounds and makes it more prone to breakage. Such doors in Kiev dvernoydom offers its customers.

Paneled doors

The most durable doors are considered to be the paneled doors of solid varieties of trees of valuable species. Paneled doors are a frame in the middle of which in the form of a cross are the center crossmember. Thus, the door is divided into four parts, they are called panels. Panels are inserted into the grooves, thus, a particular strength of the design, the doors are so last century, their lifespan is equal to lifespan of the wood from which they are made.

Flush doors

Good sound insulation can give flush doors. Levels this modern door, the internal construction can be completely different and the cost to reach 1,000 to 10,000 rubles, but look exactly the same, flat and smooth surface in the form of a shield. Special soundproofing of the door is obtained through the inner filling, usually it is made with honeycomb cardboard, handicraft the doors can have a core of wood or plywood strips. Glass doors can not boast of high sound insulation, but the thicker the glass, the taller it is, the solution may serve as Windows.

How to choose material interior doors?

Door appearance can be quite varied. Here a matter of taste and Finance. For that would not be wrong, you should choose doors in a style and color of your interior. Cover doors can be made from laminate, PVC, natural veneer.

Great popularity in recent years began to use door with PVC coating, since the plastic covers the doors can withstand strong impacts without any visible damage. Besides, it is quite easy to clean.

The coverage of natural veneer is a thin layer of 1 to 5 mm made of natural wood. It is made of fine precious varieties of trees, thin by cutting, the result is leaves that are later glued to the surface of the door and varnish.

How to choose interior doors in quality?

Doors must not be prone to warping, that is, should not be significantly deformed over time, to withstand high negative and zero temperature without changing the original shape. To check this setting in the store of course is impossible, so you need to choose doors tested brands and take advice from friends and acquaintances. If the little child that the door is better to take light, as a heavy, massive door, caught in the draught may cause him serious injury. Choosing doors with glass, to give preference is to foreign models, as in the West, all glass doors must be shatterproof, while domestic producers do not always set like that. If choosing a door, you found the frosted glass some spots, avoid such door side, continue to remove the stain with frosted glass would be impossible. In order to be sure that over time, covering the door and the door itself will not start to secrete toxic fumes, ask for sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

These are some tips that will help you navigate in a wide variety of interior doors.

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