Which grade of concrete is used in production

What grade of concrete is used in production? Concrete is the most commonly used construction material. Hard to imagine a construction site where you would need this material. Due to such frequent use of a huge number of varieties of concrete. They vary in hardness, speed of pour, quality grip with fittings and even in structure and color. But the most important division of this material is not according to these parameters. First of all, concrete is divided into independently prepared and delivered in a prepared state, that is, the commodity.

What self-made concrete is better commodity

Handicraft made of concrete – the most cost effective solution. This is a real opportunity to save a lot of money on a handwritten selection of the ideal ratio of cement, sand and water instead of ordering ready mix. As would have been the cheap services of the manufacturer, concrete price will always be higher than normal. Another advantage of conventional concrete is that professional designers can choose the ratio of ingredients that is suitable for a particular use case better than if it was done by the manufacturer. However, there are really highly skilled professionals a bit.

Than the ready-mixed concrete better prepared independently

The most important advantage is that the builders are exempt from complex procedures of the self-mixing of concrete. This eliminates many problems: no marriage, no disruption of construction terms. This allows you to get a real guarantee that all the processes associated with concrete will be according to plan. You also need to keep in mind that the calculation of and compliance with the required proportions of the mixture is a very complex process. If a large company can effectively organize this process, the builders themselves are not always able to cope with it. Moreover, concrete can be added a secret additive, can greatly affect the quality of the material.

What kind of concrete to use in construction?

The best solution to this problem – an individual approach. You need to use both versions of the material, each in the optimal cases. For example, if the design is temporary and does not require high tensile strength, but needs to be reduced quickly, you can use the independent production of concrete. And for the areas to which special requirements for hardness and durability, use concrete.

Concrete products, is widespread in landscape architecture and fine creative performances. If mass production of sculptures and pots in the garden, it is better to use ready-mix concrete, which will be homogeneous and will be delivered in time. If you need quite a bit of the mixture jewelry or one of the two pots, you can experiment at home by yourself.


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