Which fence to choose? Variety of fences for country homes

Which fence to choose? Variety of fences for country homes

To begin with, purchased a suburban area, which has long been planned to build his house. However, each segment has its limits, and not always with this acquisition, the border is marked, as expected. To highlight the boundaries of the area required by the more durable the fence. Fences was created by people long ago: some were very simple, no frills, and others – invested more funds with the aim of providing them with the maximum possible beauty. Which fence to choose? Maybe he decided to create a reliable fence for his estate: «Hide behind a high fence…»? Something to hide, to solve the owner. And, maybe, his suit is low fence, carrying a design feature.

The types of fees

First on the list and probably the easiest and most common is a deaf fence. It is made from various materials: stone, bricks, corrugated sheets and wood. Its function as a fence performs fine, if done according to the rules.

A fence made of wood

The oldest material for the fence is wood. This is a relatively inexpensive material. A fence made of wood attracts attention. It can be run from a picket fence you can use boards or logs. The classic picket fence is being built for a long time. You can stop the choice on it. Such a fence can be put, as they say, in a few hands. You can vary the design of this fence: fence to install (instead of the usual vertical direction) horizontally. You can replace the rails with bars.

A negative aspect of wood is its ability to rot with excessive humidity, therefore, to protect wooden fence, it is necessary to impregnate protective compounds or resins. Protection fence – additional bars on top of the boards and sides. This prevents the ingress of moisture boards.

To build a wooden fence set support. The distance between the supports of the fence shall be approximately two meters. Supports may be of wood, brick, concrete, iron (standard area, a metal pipe). Digging post holes for supports the depth of one meter. Set the posts and fill the pit with sand, stones, stamps. This option is acceptable for a light fence. You should consider the height of the fence and the width of the span: the dependence is directly proportional.

Heavy intake need massive, solid concrete or brick Foundation. Foundation-the Foundation is on the basis of strip Foundation: the trench, the timbering, which batitsa and poured concrete solution. To give the Foundation to stand for about a month – you can install the fence. How to fill boards, tell your imagination.

Brick fence

Brick fence with a solid stone Foundation – the original decision. To design for a long time, needed a solid Foundation, better tape. Without a Foundation the brick wall will eventually crack and crumble. Require special supports and brick pillars, the basis for which is a metal rod (pipe area), which is concreted into the Foundation.

Metal fence of corrugated Board

Popular different types of metal fencing.

Circulated a fence of corrugated Board (corrugated sheet – metal aluminium alloy or galvanized steel). The surface of the corrugated sheet is processed with a polymer coating. It perfectly protects the fence from corrosion is ubiquitous and considerably prolongs its durability.

Welded fence

As a variant of a blind fence – section (welded, or welded). The process of setting intake accelerates if you buy ready-made sections of mesh or concrete, it is necessary only to fix on supports. The installation does not take into account the weight of the section. Welded wire fences have different height: low lawn fence and six-foot fences.

Welded wire fences have several advantages:

  • Matched metal designs is interested form. These structures are welded to each other. A sturdy fence, and, in comparison with a wrought-iron fence, are quite reasonable in price. Metal welded fence may include various inserts, the elements of forging. Such fences can become exclusive. The advantage is speed of production. A fence of any complexity are manufactured in a few days.
  • Welded fence is easy to install. Pre-installed metal supports, which are attached to the finished section. Welded wire fences are unpretentious: they occasionally need to update paint. Welded wire fences are comprised of sections. Their height is different: a low fence enclosing a lawn, flowers, and high above human growth. To date, welded metal fences are quite popular and highly in demand among the wider population views the fences.

Wrought iron fence

Wrought iron fence – beautiful and quite expensive and time-consuming option. It requires again a brick or stone Foundation. You can become a designer and make various blind insertion. Wrought iron fence prestigious. He is a symbol of reliable, respectable master.

Such wrought iron fencing, iv-metall/kovanye-zabory.html can safely be called a universal option for any country home. Whether it’s a protective fence or a decorative fencing option, in any case, you will receive a high-strength fence which looks great and, moreover, is resistant to aggressive environmental factors.

Fence mesh

Mesh fence is simple in design: iron wire-netting stretched on a frame in length. Is fastened by spot welding or screws, nails, wire.

The construction of the fence, with proper organization of work is not difficult and goes by quickly, unless, of course, not to build medieval fortifications. Fenced but only a country house, not a cottage, for which we need different versions of the protections and the scope of fencing!

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