Where to use laser cut plywood?

Where to use laser cut plywood?

Laser cut plywood allows you to perform various shaped products with a large number of small parts. Laser cutting is an innovative technology dimensional cutting of any sheet material (cardboard, plastic, plywood, wood, Plexiglas, etc.) that is performed on a special machine. «Working tool» in this process is a focused laser beam that has a regulated power.

In the laser cutting option, cut the finished product gets the edge with a high surface quality. Therefore, in further processing it is not necessary. Laser cutting is different from other methods of cutting materials (milling and plasma cutting, mechanical punching) are more accurate, flexible, the output is a smaller amount waste material. And, of course, the most important advantage of the ability to perform work in any amount (even the smallest number of parties), and in the shortest possible time.

There is the possibility of using the machine with a special rotary mechanism to cut the voluminous materials in the form of a cone, cylinder.

The small thickness of the laser beam provides precision cutting and engraving of the miniature elements.

What features does a laser cutting plywood? Or what products can be ordered and performed on the laser machine? The main purpose of laser cutting is the production of articles of promotional and informational.

Examples of difficult contour cutting plywood

Plywood by laser cutting it is possible to obtain the following products:

  • models and Assembly models;
  • decorative elements;
  • souvenir products (calendars, business cards, etc.);
  • large laser cutting plywood;
  • children’s games (table puzzles, modular dollhouses, and the like).

Also with the help of laser cutting can produce blanks for panels and signs, tags, tags, key chains; promotional character design, the constituent parts of architectural models, stencils, decorative elements for the decoration of apartment interior design, children’s games (constructors, puzzles, etc.), parquet.

Wishes for customer

In order to realize a creative project as accurately and quickly, the customer must comply with a number of conditions. Namely:

  1. The embodiment of existing ideas in the form of drawing in a vector program (better if it’s Corel Draw). When you do this, be sure to study the requirements to the formation of orders that will not only make an order without misunderstandings, but to do it in the shortest possible time.
  2. In a situation of impossibility to provide a drawing you can refer to the design professionals. Most importantly, to have any artistic depiction of his own ideas on paper.

The main advantages of cutting plywood regulated by a focused laser beam:

  • laser cutting is performed with high precision (+/25 microns) transmission layout from the computer device, with tight tolerance cutting than mechanical punching or cutting;
  • there is no mechanical pressure on the material to be cut even quite fragile and delicate source, easy to deformation;
  • manufacture of products of various complexity;
  • due to the high density transfer models on a sheet and the thinnest cutting width, saving material, in some situations, sharp turns without waste;
  • there is no need for any additional processing models.
  • working with small and large trajnosti;
  • short time of waiting the opportunity to pick it up the same day when the application was filed.

Opportunities high-tech machines, employed for cutting sheet material with a laser beam, are truly endless. It’s products of any complexity and shapes of different range of sheet material. It is also complex models and designs, intended for further Assembly. This clipping of letters and stencils, decorative compositions.

Here is where to turn creative thoughts and imagination. But laser technology can help to make a reality of the boldest ideas in different working sheet material. And plywood is no exception.

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