Where to look for builders and landscape architects?

The land inheritance Make her beautiful

A beautiful garden has always been an indicator of good taste and wealth of its owner. In our days, his place was taken by the landscape design. With its help even on a small plot of land, you can create an atmosphere of this nature. The best solution is to hire a professional landscape architect.

Looking for staff for the development of landscape design

Find a landscape architect, foreman or carpenter on the site stroiman. You will need to post an announcement on the construction activity and workers that will be needed for their implementation, and specify the approximate amount of charge. The performers themselves will contact you. On the same principle it is possible to find the construction crew and equipment for the construction of any complexity and scale.

A construction exchange allows you to do without intermediaries, saving time and money. All information is catalogued and allows you to search by region. If you have any questions or problems, and online support site can always help you over the phone.

The first steps in the improvement of the earth

To the ground should be treated carefully and with love, hard work it will return fruits. Each parcel has its own story. What is growing on the site previously that was built next to the pond, at what depth is ground water, surface smooth or bumpy? It is all important.

Then, you should find out whether the topsoil, in which the proportions of sand, clay, soil biological. The hardest part in the upper layer of the gravel lot. Is to not get rid of, will have to pour the pure land of 10 – 15 cm.

To find out the acidity of the soil, without chemical and laboratory analysis. To do this, you should review the plants that are already there. In acidic soil grow sour and bitter herbs. Chemical composition of the soil changes the composition of plants, sour, and bitter changed to songs and unpalatable, they absorb the flavor of the environment in which they live. It should be added that most poisonous or mildly poisonous herbs, for example, celandine prefers acidic soil.

The surface area of land affected under any planting or construction to use it. The hills are not convenient to use, which flows down the loosened soil, exposing the lower, less fertile layers. The strengthening of the uplands requires a special separation plan on the Sunny area, area of irrigation. The same facilities shall have their accrual with plants and plantings.

Organized by the water supply

Water is the main source of plants and all living things. One must examine plot in a well, the drilling of wells, construction of water pipeline from ground source. In this case, a specialized chemical analysis of water, will give the answer may be the only drinking water or for irrigation. For sources with water quality, but with a large number of mineral suspensions, it is advisable to arrange the cleaning and filters. For irrigation use the water from a ground source, it could be a pond, river, collected rain water. It has the advantage: the temperature corresponds to the temperature of the plants in the water a lot of organic matter that is suitable as fertilizer.

An important step in the organization of land for a garden and a vegetable garden is to keep it in a clean condition. In the design plan to include the construction of treatment facilities of sewage from the sewers. At the initial stage of agriculture take courses in agronomy, to learn how to obtain a good harvest and not to overfeed the land with fertilizers.

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