Where to hold the wedding — alternatives to the restaurant

Where to hold the wedding - alternatives to the restaurant

The restaurant is traditional for the evening part of weddings, anniversaries and other solemn events. If you are thinking where to hold the wedding, and look for alternative options – this article will be interesting and useful for you.

To start upon the date of a holiday in the cold season or warm to host your wedding. A wedding reception in winter imposes certain thermal limitations, however, this factor does not hurt to make the wedding bright and saturated.

In the cold season you can go to celebrate a wedding at the ski Lodge or recreation – treat festivities with cocktails, hot tea and sledging, skiing, dog sleds, three horses. If this recreation center there is a pond – arrange winter fishing. After the fun on the street, go to the Banquet hall for 15 people and more, continuing their celebration.

If your town has an indoor ice rink, you can rent it. Most often in such areas there are big halls where you can organize a Banquet. Or even to move the celebration on the ice. Give all guests the skates and go. Grandparents can enjoy specially organized Desk. And young people can have fun at the rink. Waiters will deliver drinks and snacks. A wedding nobody will forget.

I’m afraid that you will not go to such lengths? – who do you roads, going on skates and skis will be for you. And all the extra people at once will be eliminated.

We now turn to the summer options:

You can just go to nature – to the lake, river or just in the woods. Tourist tents or elegant tents – you have to decide. In any case, to celebrate the wedding in the fresh air far more pleasant than to sit in a stuffy room under the air conditioner.

The second option recreation on the waterfront. Here you will kill many birds with one stone – nature, there are houses for vacation, you can swim, fish (if it is there). No need to seek out special places for a good photoshoot – nature’s finest surroundings.

Another option is a wedding on the floating vessel (boat, ship, etc.) that will accommodate all guests. Please make sure that the first aid kit of the ship there are pills for motion sickness, and none of your guests will begin to dive after the Banquet.

In this place everything will be the same decorum as in the restaurant, but the view will not let you get bored. Or you can do a fun party in lifejackets on the deck or on the outdoor terrace). Photos on the water are vivid, and the evening memorable.

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