Where to go with the baby?

Where to go with the baby?

So today we decided to talk about the issue, which is interesting, perhaps, each parent who is interested in the education of your child. Many parents used to come home from work to pick up the kid from kindergarten, feed them and turn on him the long-awaited TV or worse the computer. if you think it contributes to its development, then you are sadly mistaken. In this article we will talk about where to go with the child?

Of course, to walk or what to do after your working day, effort is not enough. But to sit at home watching TV on a day off or even more on vacation baby, so it’s all sin! Don’t know what to do in his day off? … well, of course – go with him somewhere. Grab your baby, rip it from their favorite cartoon or video games, because weekends, holidays and vacations, and walks. However, many just don’t know where to go with the child, but in this issue we’ll help you to understand, you will just have to make the right choice.

children's entertainment centers Where to go with kids

1. The first place we put children’s entertainment centers. Large complexes can entertain and children and will be interesting for parents. While your children are furiously spending their energy, parents are encouraged to visit cafes, watch a movie or a football match.

I think we should not add that during childhood vacations and holidays, these centers give kids a special program according to age groups. For example, a small kid can watch a puppet show, and the second child, older entertainment room with an interesting show.

The only disadvantage of gaming systems, so it’s a pretty expensive visit. Family trip to this entertainment world can do mom, dad and 2 children not less than six thousand rubles. Not every family will be able to carry this expense.


2. Very interesting cinema. Did you notice that at any holiday or vacation for children is sure to go to premiere, any children’s cartoon or tale. I think you guessed that this is not casual.

Family trip to the cinema for two adults and two children, subject to the tickets, popcorn and water will cost 1,5 — 2 thousand rubles. It is quite acceptable price for the weekend.

zoo Where to go with kids

3. In warm time of the year is a sin not to visit the zoo. From this visit the child you want – not for a long time, will remain plenty of experience. Here you can see animals with their own eyes, but also touch and take pictures with manual exotics.

Circus Where to go with kids

4. Circus as an option for children aged 4 to 7 years. Younger kids may be frightened of clowns. Better still before the first visit of the circus to tell the child how to behave and react to certain circus artists, especially clowns. Tickets circus Moscow you can buy on the website cirk-bilet/.

children's theater Where to go with kids

5. Visit the children’s theatre will help you to attach the child to cultural events. Visiting such institutions contributes to the development of a growing child only positive qualities. The main thing here, not to be mistaken with the selected repertoire. Typically, each of the play indicates the recommended age of the child, be sure to mention it.

6. Moscow planetarium captures any child. Star hall with a dome of 24 meters and can accommodate up to 300 people will interest an inquisitive toddler. In the center of this room are the vehicles through which look the starry sky.

7. For the most economical parents also have the option of where to go with the child, and this, of course, the usual parks for walking. In every Park you can walk the whole day.

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