Where to go with kids in Yaroslavl?

Where to go with kids in Yaroslavl 6

Came the holidays, and immediately the question arose: where you can go to relax with the kids? And it is advisable to stay with use to learn or see something new.

In Yaroslavl, a lot of interesting places to visit for parents with the younger generation.

You cannot ignore to visit at least once a tour of the world’s first children’s railway. Young travelers hit the road with a length of about 6 km on the company train Severyanochka and ride Yakovlevsky Bor. For the youngest passengers there are playgrounds, so they do not get bored on the road.

A real celebration will be a visit to «a different theatre of dolls» with experiential program, where children await discovery in various genres of theatrical art. They find out what does the word «tantamareski», get acquainted with the theatre of masks and the shadow theater, learn to understand and appreciate acting.

Local Dolphinarium has prepared a new show on the water with marine animals: playful bottlenose dolphins, funny sea lions and walruses younger. Guys can not only enjoy the show, but to win prizes and Souvenirs. Love for animals makes children kinder and more tolerant.

The Dolphinarium opened a «Tropical Paradise» – the area where the main inhabitants are the tropical butterflies that will be the real antidepressants for adults and their children. The beauty and grace amazing insects will not leave anyone indifferent.

Yaroslavl planetarium invites children and adults on a journey through the Solar system» and «to billions of suns», will introduce «Black holes». The theme of space equally interesting will be presented for both children and their parents.

A highlight of the city is the Festival of sand sculptures. The unique exposition is created by the best craftsmen from six Russian cities. All summer the sculptures will delight with its views of citizens: after all, their faces reflected the world of fairy tales, epic Russian, European and Oriental motifs, Asian legend. Sandy monument to Yaroslav the Wise will be in the center of the exhibition. The sand sculpture festival is the main event in summer, do not visit it does not.

If the residents and visitors of the city want to look to the zoo, they will be able not only to look at domestic, wild and exotic animals, but also horseback riding, visit the exhibition «Seekstream» and «Park ungulates».

The interactive Museum is a Playground for children and adults in these old Russian amusements and games. You can visit the office of the Empress, in her wardrobe with clothes, storage reserves and the throne room. To taste serves Russian dishes cooked in a wood oven the best cooks of her Majesty.

The State literary-memorial Museum-reserve of N.. Nekrasov «Karabikha» estate, which has retained its original architecture, opened «Museum of Ded Mazai in the log cabin«. Heroes Nekrasov invite them on a journey through a fairy tale: they rescue rabbits with an old hunter Mazay, will visit the school where rural children.

Lovers and collectors of Teddy bears will love the exhibition at the private Museum, which is called: «My favorite bear». Here you guys will see plush, porcelain, metal, straw animals, bears on the icons that were donated to the Museum by residents and visitors alike.

Yaroslavl Museum of Military Glory offers to view the exhibition with military events important to the history of the country. Here there are collections of weapons and firearms, medals, military uniforms, documentary photography and writing.

In the Center of a name of Valentina Tereshkova, the exposition devoted to the development of space exploration, «History of cosmonautics». The protagonist of the exhibition – the woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. Here you can see models of rockets of different years of issue, advances in the study of the moon, Mars and Venus. In spacesuits guys can take a picture.

In the same center they will have the ride «Shuttle», with a large panoramic screen, motion system, which creates a real sensation of different movements. Scripts program is continuously updated: first the tour, then they can become the adventure or combat mission.

Botanical garden kindly invites children and their parents on the tour where you can see and learn about tropical and subtropical plants, arboreta, and carnivorous plants of the desert. Lovers of exotic flowers I would love to hear about them and admire their beauty.

To spend free time usefully will be able to residents and guests of Yaroslavl. Many interesting and instructive is in the city for those who want.

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