Where to go on vacation in the fall: choose a resort

Where to go on vacation in autumn, choose a resort

If you don’t know where to go on vacation in autumn, then this article is for you! September is the beginning of the new academic or working year. But many are on vacation with the arrival of autumn, when the weather goes bad and I want to get warm. Extend the summer on different resorts. And when it will work and remember your vacation, you will enjoy it.

If you are afraid of acclimatization and the use of only a few days travel to the home country. Not everyone likes a beach vacation. If you want to discover a new city, go to Lipetsk. This is a budget vacation that will allow you to see the origin of the city, enjoy modern benefits. One of them is to stay in a comfortable hotel. Find the corresponding number via nochi. If you still want to swim and have fun, the city has a wonderful water Park.

A fall go to Abkhazia. Here you can go without a passport, which attracts many tourists.

The most popular resorts of Abkhazia:

  • New Athos to local attractions and comfortable beach holiday;
  • Pitsunda with a unique climate which makes the sea air and relict pine;
  • Gagra, with its beautiful nature and the warm gentle sea. There’s plenty of hotels and a café, serving national dishes.

For lovers to relax on the black sea coast of the Caucasus created favorable conditions in Tuapse, Anapa, Adler, Adler. The water warms up to 24-26 degrees. In shallow sea entrance, and the sand is pleasing purity. The products are quality and the hotels are cheap and comfortable.

A variety of choices

Meet the velvet season in Sochi. Early fall is the most popular beach resort. It attracts tourists moderate temperature of air, warm sea water and warm sun. The summer heat subsides and in the Crimea, so long on the beach sunbathing, from time to time in the freezing sea. In this time of the year comfortable to go on trips to see local sights and enjoy a delicious meal.

Rest without visas in Turkey, where the arrival of autumn, the beaches are empty. So a more comfortable home away from home with bathing, treatment, shopping trips, excursions and boat trips – abroad in September.

If you go to Egypt, you issue a visa directly at the airport. The coastal area has beautiful weather, anyone here will find entertainment for the soul. In the Red sea you can swim even at night in early autumn, it is still good warmed up.

If you are a patriot of his own country to book the hotel on the website nochi/hotels/russia/Murmansk-17448 and go to conquer the Barents sea. Any your choice will be good – autumn rest beckons peace, tranquility and complete relaxation.

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