Where to go fishing — top of the best places in the world

Where to go fishing - top of the best places in the world

Where to go fishing? Every lover of fishing ask yourself this question. This article provides the top best places in the world most favourable for fishing.

Where to go fishing – top of the best places in the world

Where to go fishing - top of the best places in the world

Fishermen can be attributed to passionate people on the planet, together with football fans and fans of extreme sports. For the huge fish they are ready to go fishing anywhere at all. Today, when international travel became accessible to everyone, the gaining popularity of trophy hunting. Here an important role plays not only the size of the fish, but the level of difficulty of the fishing.

Consensus about where to go fishing for the best trophy there is, but in the list of the best included:

Australia (Marlin, striped mackerel, Barracuda, Wahoo, Dorado, trevally)

Aland Islands (salmon, pike, trout,perch, burbot, bream, sea trout)

Brazil (piranha, pirarucu (achieve 250 kg.), tucanare, river Dolphin, river sharks, arapaima gigas)

New Caledonia (giant trevally, tuna, snapper, Marlin, swordfish, sailfish, red carp, Barracuda)

Costa Rica (tuna, Dorado, sailfish, Blue Marlin, yellow tuna, Wahoo, rooster, Dorado, red snapper, Barracuda, Mahi-Mahi)

Cuba (snook, blue Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tarpon, Barracuda, grouper)

Finland (salmon, pike, perch, Zander, vendace, whitefish, trout, roach, silver bream)

Norway (cod, Pollock, lure, halibut, catfish, sea bass, menek);

Seychelles (blue swordfish, blue Marlin, tuna, Barracuda, tiger shark, Mako shark)

Sweden (salmon, pike, perch, Zander).

Going fishing in one of these places, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the catch. There are many travel companies that not only arrange a transfer to your destination, but also provide you with all fishing, from the hook to the boat. on the Internet you can find many reviews of satisfied fishermen and photo-reports, which reflects their huge trophies. Of course, we in the nearby river to catch a big fish, but compared to the Marlin at 200 pounds it is unlikely.

Those who have decided to go for trophy fishing, definitely recommend reading as much information as possible about favorable time of year for fishing in this area. So you will be able to increase the chances of catching the desired fish to 100%. Otherwise you risk to come back with nothing. I myself am not a fisherman, but I loved the story of hunter Thompson’s «the Curse of Hawaii», where he talks about his experience trophy fishing for Marlin off the coast of Hawaii. Suggest to read it to everyone who is thinking about the flight across half the Earth to catch a huge fish!

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