Where to build a house? Do the calculations

Where to build a house? Do the calculations

Today it is possible to build a house in which you would like to live. Modern technology is able to provide the construction of the most intricate designs. And on the market materials will make it not only beautiful but also convenient. It is only important to define correctly the placewhere the building will be erected.

In this important case will help total station Nikon, which all measure, process and display data for project development. The correct calculations will ensure the most comfortable conditions for accommodation, excellent performance of the structure.

What should I consider?

After the decision to build is taken, you must study the terrain. To deal with the most convenient accommodation option communications able the Leica. It was his measurement will be the basis for convenient engineering of your home.

    Be sure to consider and think about:
  • fire regulations are dependent on the fire resistance of used materials;
  • health requirements governing the required spacing between buildings;
  • the orientation of the building with regard to the cardinal points with the aim of creating good light;
  • the wind rose for the correct placement of window and door openings;
  • the proximity of Central communications, which will greatly reduce the cost of construction;
  • the presence of the roadway, which in the future can be a lot of noise and dust;
  • the quality of the soil on the site to avoid waterlogged soil;
  • installation of drainage systems for waterproofing buildings;
  • convenient access to house;
  • future view from the window.

All this will allow to choose the correct rotation angle of the building and most comfortable location. All of this and one gets the comfort of property.

The stages of building a house

After selecting the site to house building, and the development of the project, it is necessary to determine the future design of the building. There is still the opportunity to consider any requests, carefully consider the layout.

The next step is selection of required materials, quality and reliable. Further installation and roofing work is completed the main stages of construction of the structure.

Installation of engineering networks should be paid special attention. Depends on the normal functioning of all systems in the house.

Finish — the final phase of construction. The modern market is rich with unique properties materials: lining, wall panels, laminate flooring.

Whatever you choose, if the construction be treated thoroughly, with the use of appropriate calculations and measurements, the house will get warm, convenient and comfortable.

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