Where better to celebrate a wedding in the city?

Where better to celebrate a wedding in the city 14

Where better to celebrate a wedding in the city? To be husband and wife provided in the appropriate setting. You can’t use home gatherings, a visit to cafe of McDonald’s and other junk at the moment things. Your wedding ceremony should show the world the power of love, and turn gray day chic, which can only be done with the help of a well-organized high-profile occasion.

A wedding in the city

If you are not able to leave the city for the wedding reception, then you have to stay for a meal in some local restaurant. Will be very good when this place is located directly at the hotel in which the couple is satisfied with his or first night, or even a honeymoon. So there is a chance to get a significant discount on the Banquet and complimentary champagne, fruit and decorations in the Bridal Suite. Sometimes the room itself is provided free of charge, subject to the celebrations in the restaurant of the hotel.

Cafe – option a little more complicated. More of them around town, but the quality of service and staff they have not as schooled as other eating places. Besides, renting is possible at any time – Banquet halls are there to do, so cafe on the Arbat’t want to lose more customers in the so-called rush hour (lunch, lunch). On the menu we can say that it is diversity, but there are exceptions to the rule, so seriously looking for a suitable place, delving into all the details.

Banquet hall is fully equipped according to your request place of celebration. You order jewelry, choose colors, music, artists and for all of this is scene, decorators and designers. In your area it can be a separate structure or part of a restaurant complex. In the dining hall to meet such difficult, but you can try to apply to this, where there are several rooms: for everyone and for VIP clients. Please note that the size of the venue cannot accommodate all your guests in the planning of a crowded wedding.

Wedding tent is a mixture of a cafe (restaurant) and a picnic in the countryside. Behind a white curtain you’re hiding from the sun, wind and rain (suddenly, the weather turned bad) and also from prying eyes who are always willing to see someone else’s wedding. This service is available in some restaurants and cafes as well as hotels, which have or on the outdoor terrace, or nearby, there is a good green area (Park). Facilities such as toilet rooms are within walking distance (in the room).

Select any of these options for the wedding ceremony, and you will surely get an unforgettable festive day of the beginning of your joint happy life!

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