Where are the outdoor wardrobes

Floor wardrobes in the interior

Dressing room designed for storage of clothing and its fitting. In modern Russia the trend is to equip such a room is a novelty, as most of the population lives in cramped apartments, where to allocate a whole room for clothes impossible.

The types of closets

Before the revolution, these rooms have been in many Russian homes, but, considering them as the trappings of wealth, from special rooms to get rid of. There are different types of furniture for wardrobe – floor, wall, made from various materials – metal, wood. In this article we will discuss the options floor of the closet.

  • Outdoor. This is a small hanger, which is still standing on the floor;
  • Us. They are similar to outdoor, but to the legs screwed the wheel so that if desired, you can roll back to side;
  • Stationary. This option is hung consists of joined together sections.
  • Rotary. This kind of closet suitable for rooms in which you want to save space. The main part is securely fastened to the wall, and the movable part can slide in or slide so that they do not interfere;
  • School. Also manufactures special products for a school locker rooms.

There are many companies producing furniture and accessories for the wardrobe. They use different manufacturing techniques and materials, focusing on the tastes of consumers. For example, «Vertical», that produces high-quality products of various types, which can be seen and selected online vertikalplus/catalog/74.htm.

Outdoor wardrobes

One of the products of this company have outdoor wardrobes. Each of the types of this furniture suitable for different situations. Movable racking can be useful on trips when you need a compact furniture. For public places, such as theaters, schools, offices, suitable stationary or swivel hanger. You can also dry clothes and linen, which is very convenient. Due to the material from which the outdoor furniture for the wardrobe, you can add to the interior a little bling, because most often it is made from chrome pipes. Picking the right size, color and materials, it is possible to emphasize the dignity of the interior and to another interesting element of decor.

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