When old age starts?

When it starts to age

More recently, everyone was sure that the old age people after he turned 50 years old – exactly half a century. However, American scientists have refuted this view, stating that the start of aging starts a little earlier – with the 40-year anniversary of a man.

The causes of the aging process

To prove this hypothesis, there have been many studies. And, first and foremost, it was revealed that the aging process is highly dependent on the body to produce myelin, the protein, the amount of which with age begins to fade. And the amount of myelin decreases similar for both women and men – sex differences in its formulation was not detected. The decrease of biologically active segment in the body, this is the start of the notorious old age.

Breaking the man of forty years abroad, inevitably begin to deteriorate the intellectual faculties, there have been problems in the musculoskeletal system. Neurons begin to lose full of nerve conduction, aging and it leads to new processes of aging in the body. An elderly person becomes less capable, and sometimes very inconsiderate. Usually, such people are in the care of their children hire babysitters or send a boarding house for the care of elderly and sick people, as the one on the website stmp-msk. In most cases, the latter option is the most favorable, although perceived by society as an act of violence. On the contrary, in nursing homes, older people are among peers with whom you can always find a common topic of conversation, they are constantly observed by professional doctors and psychologists, who are always ready to help.

This discovery has caused a lot of controversy among scientists dealing with the problem of aging. There were also critics who have refuted this hypothesis, noting that the biological age at which to start the aging process for every person may not have the same value, and it is impossible to confirm by the laboratory.

Why do people age differently?

To do the same. this theory is not able to answer the basic question: why with the same starting point of aging – 40-year-old age, men live less than women? Gerontologists and oncologists in our country questioned the theory American scientists by assuming that their hypothesis can’t be proven, and therefore is incorrect. Besides, they did not take into account genetic factors, living standards and environmental pollution.

Russian experts believe that the American scientist will not be able to prove with facts his theory, but to assert its frailty is also impossible – there are no facts of carrying out of basic laboratory research. In order to convince scientists and skeptics from around the world in righteousness, our American colleagues will continue the study of the effect of myelin on the aging process. And, maybe medicine is different look at this hypothesis.

Despite the research of American scientists, we must remember that careful attention to their own health and maintain a healthy lifestyle enable to minimize the negative effects of aging began.

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