What’s new in the conduct of urban planning expertise?

What's new in the conduct of urban planning expertise?

In the latest additions to the town-planning code was officially enshrined rights of non-state project expertise. They’ve got almost the same capabilities as the public. Now examination of project documentation and engineering survey exists in a competitive environment, which greatly improves the quality and speed of service.

How are examination?

They are necessary for any construction or reconstruction of objects. This involves assessment of compliance of erected structures of a number of safety regulations, rational use of resources, architectural solutions.

They are divided into:

  • state;
  • private.

Their conclusions are equal and have the same effect, but the second cannot do the documentation of objects of Federal value, for example, buildings, defense companies, embassies, etc

The stages of examination

The examination process consists of several stages:

  1. Acceptance of design documentation can take up to three days.
  2. Review the package lasts up to thirty days. If you go any questions or need additional explanations and calculations, the contractor in writing reports about it. Documents can be returned in case of serious errors.
  3. The preliminary conclusion, which shall include all deficiencies.
  4. Identified problems are repaired, if possible.
  5. The final conclusion is developed and handed out to the customer.

Just the expertise of construction projects may take forty-five days for residential properties and up to ninety – residential.

It can help to identify errors in planning and to correct them in advance, resulting in savings of materials and time.

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