What you need to know about the trap?

What you need to know about the trap?

The water trap is a curved tube that is installed under the sink, bath, shower, toilet. The material from which the knee is usually polyethylene, but there are also metal trap. The only difference in price and material used. It should also be noted that the metal knee looks better and more gracefully than plastic.

The main function of this device is to arrest adverse odors from the sewer system or risers. Quite simply, the part of the tap water is retained in the nozzle when the person turns off the water, and block the path of the stinky aromas. If the water in the water trap dries out, then sewer smell comes out and fills the entire room or even an apartment. To be in such a room becomes unbearable. But why dry up the siphon?

There are several reasons. The water seal is leaking and the water simply drops out of the cracks. In this case you need to purchase a new syphon and put it in place of the old. Another reason could be the emergence of blockage in the pipe, which does not allow the siphon to operate normally. In this case, it is sufficient to carry out the removal of clogging and the water seal will work again.

Now the curved pipe began to replace corrugated. Is a flexible tube that bends easily and can make the knee at any angle. The main advantage of corrugated pipe is its cost, it is below the siphon. True, and does not look as elegant, but it is not a problem, because you can just close it rack or Cabinet.

The water seal in a sanitary modern shops have now for every taste and color. You can meet a siphon with the process of the bath. In this branch it easily attaches exhaust hose to the washing machine and the dirty water is discharged directly into the sewer.

Manufacturers of toilets started to produce toilets with two valves, one above the other. So they are from the sewer riser is not exactly to reach the apartment. However at the exit of the siphon in the toilet will change the whole bathroom.

Progress does not stand still in terms of a water tap including. May soon get even more unusual bent pipes.

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