What you need to know about grout for tile

What you need to know about grout for tile

In the process of lining the walls of the building ceramic tiles is very important to correctly handle the seams. For this you will need grout for clinker, which is sold in a wide range of colours. Only high quality grouting mixture can guarantee the durability of the entire tiled surface. What are the main functions performed by a grout for joints? In this article you will learn all about grout for tile.

The functions of grout mix:

  • thanks to grout tile edges are protected from chipping, mold and fungi;
  • the skilled hands of professionals using the grout mix can be hidden any defect in the laying of the tiles;
  • if the grout is chosen and applied correctly, the stability of the tiled surface to the environment will be increased several times;
  • with the help of the original grout , you can achieve incredible decorative effect tiled surface.

Classification of grout mixtures

There are several types of grout: cement-based and epoxy resins. The mixture may be sold ready-to-use, or in the form of powders that must be dissolved in the necessary paste-like consistency. The basic rule when choosing grout for clinker tiles to the mix for grout and tile adhesive was the same manufacturer.

How to prepare to spray seven

If you purchased the grout, which should be diluted in a volume of water, strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions and not mixing water with the powder eye. If you need to create a large number of mixtures to use a lot of packaging material, then it is better to mix all the powders in one container, in order to obtain uniform color. Otherwise it may happen that in the beginning you will have a rubbing mixture of one color, and by mixing powders of a different party upon completion of a color mix can come out the other.

Apply the grout can with a rubber spatula, but also a convenient option – the application of gun or special syringes. If the mixture got on the front surface of the tile, it is necessary to immediately remove, without waiting for the material to dry and tightly adhere to the surface of the veneer.

But if you miss this moment and the composition is frozen, you can remove from the surface of the tiles using a special substances produced in acidic or alkaline based. Most importantly, you should not begin grouting immediately after laying ceramic tile and it is better to wait a few days.

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