What you need to know about antiperspirants

What you need to know about antiperspirants

What you need to know about antiperspirants? The most problematic area of summer is the armpit. A lot of people don’t understand why sweaty armpits. We will try to answer this question.

The whole body sweats

Scientists say that per square centimeter of skin has about 100 sweat glands, so sweating all over the body, but the greatest concentration falls on the feet, hands and armpits.

As you know, there are two types of glands – apocrine and eccrine. They are responsible not only for the cooling of the body, but also create individual human odor. Characteristic aroma appears under the influence of the apocrine glands because they produce mucus, decaying bacteria located on the skin. Apocrine glands located in the groin area and the armpits, so you have sweat only to protect these zones and not the whole body. Come to the aid of antiperspirant deodorant.

How do you operate modern means of protection

Antiperspirant and deodorant not only have a different composition, but the features work. Because the antiperspirant composition includes aluminum, it dries the skin, causing the smell is not manifested.

Deodorants should kill the bacteria that lead to the formation of unpleasant odors.

Harmful antiperspirants

About 10 years ago there was such a point of view. According to the expert, antiperspirants block glands, causing toxins can not get out of the body. This leads to the development of cancer. However, our body is so wonderfully created that it will in any case find the way, allows get rid of toxins, using a different area of skin.

As in the past without antiperspirant

It is known that our grandmothers used baking soda and vinegar to suppress odor, Europeans have used lime, and Asians prefer friction alum.

Now, some Housewives used the baking soda, mix it with corn starch and add your favorite essential oil to really smell. However, not everyone can find time for such treatments, so it’s easier, more convenient and more efficient to use a deodorant antiperspirant.

How to choose the right clothing

To less sweating, you should wear natural clothing that «breathes». There in the summer as comfortable as possible. Clothing should be able to provide maximum perspiration. Preference should be given free cut. It is best to use a material having high absorption of allocated sweat. The thermal conductivity for summer wear should be minimal.

For average climatic bands need to buy clothes with the maximum permeability to ultraviolet rays. This effect can give, it is not strange, viscose. Increasing demands on water absorption and increase chemical durability. It is advisable to use a knit with satisfactory logopaedica. To reduce the electrified clothes, use anti-static additives. Not to sweat often, you should choose the clothes that meet the basic criteria.

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