What wedding dress to wear to a wedding in 2016. Fashion trends

What wedding dress to wear to a wedding in 2016. Fashion trends

Now in Russia there is a rise in the number of registered marriages. Marriage – it is official, but the wedding celebration should be special and memorable.

The hallmark of every wedding is the attire. newlyweds. The groom usually is quick and simple, but the bride without problems not to manage. The choice of dress and hairstyle fall on the fragile shoulders first. What wedding dress to wear beautiful bride to look more charming?

Wedding dress with corset

Of course, often turns out to be a win-win option Quinceanera dresses with corset, like a Disney Princess. This outfit is so accustomed to the minds of the Russians that some do not even think about other options. This dress can be considered infallible even to ladies with appetizing forms. Mandatory attribute for this dress is the classic wedding veil.

Mermaid wedding dress

There are plenty of other options for wedding outfits. For example, the mermaid. The bottom line is that all the dresses is the figure, and the knee is sharply at odds, reminding fishtail. Many ladies fell in love with this outfit for elegance and originality. Especially good dress for girls with symmetrical figure and small waist. Hats and accessories can be very diverse. Best considered this combination of the dress with an elegant hat with a light network of the face.

Straight cut wedding dresses

You can also buy dresses straight silhouette with a detachable waist. It would be beneficial to look like skinny young ladies and chubby. The top is preferable to choose lace as the lace is the official trend this wedding season. With lace will be beautiful to combine a gentle delicate bottom, if the wedding takes place in warm weather. In winter it is better to choose a more dense material. This dress features a special subtlety, brevity, which is why many girls often do not wear a veil under it, just killing the hair in the hair curls, which is decorated with white flowers (with special pins and barrettes, fresh flowers).

Short wedding dress

An interesting option can be considered feminine short dress. Yes, you read that right, it is a short. Dress has a fitted cut top, but the bottom stands out a fluffy skirt above the knee. Or dress completely hugs the figure of the bride is exactly the silhouette, but on top of it is attached to a lightweight fabric in the skirt, which is detachable. Such dresses are considered to be somewhat innovative, but practical, because currently youth focuses not only on the beauty of the finish, and benefits. Short dresses are convenient because there is a likelihood that after the wedding you will wear and not have to throw away the most money to the wind. The headpiece in this case, it is also often not selected. Although the dress without attaching the hem, you can use a short veil.

What is a peplum?

Another interesting attribute of a wedding outfit could be the peplum. Peplum, usually present on the dresses mermaids. Peplum helps to accentuate the waist and cover the tummy stands out a little and lovely lady. It is a good idea to use gloves, necklace, pearls.

Fashionable colors of wedding dresses 2016

Colors can be very diverse, now the bride and groom can be dressed in red, blue, green and other bright colors. But the complexity of their use in that they are combined with the color scheme of the entire wedding: clothes, interior, etc, etc

Thus, wedding is the most important day in the life of the couples and the wedding dress is the most important assistant and create a pleasant atmosphere. So you should treat the purchase of dresses seriously looking for my dress heart. You can do it here vesilna/katalog/svadebnoe-plate-rusalka-rybka, on the website of the manufacturer of wedding dresses VESILNA.

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