What water heater is better — choosing a boiler

What water heater is better - choosing a boiler

In our modern world, no longer to dispense hot water. Well, we are so accustomed to. Although such facilities will have to pay, but the comfort is worth it. In order to choose a good and high-quality water heater, you need to know about them at least something. So get acquainted with the basic types of boilers and explain what water heater is better.

Cumulative and instantaneous water heaters

As the name implies, cumulative – these are the heatersthat store a certain amount of water, heated it and release. Only the process is long, so as to heat the contents, it is necessary to heat up the device itself. Recommended to choose the boilers of the heavy weight. And here’s why. Just the more weight will be the tank, the longer it will last, because the corrosion-resistant coating will significantly increase its useful life. Water heater reliable, designed hard water. The water is heated using the heating element to the desired temperature and turns off. And when the degree falls, then turns on again. To what temperature to heat the water, only you can decide. But another disadvantage is that such water heaters will work continuously, maintaining a temperature that is not very economical. So you’ll have to change the installation mode each time you water, do not use or go to work. It is also worth considering the size and capacity of the tank.

Tankless water heater, in turn, different heating rate, as the water passes through the copper coil. But the lifetime will depend on the quality of water and changes in pressure in the mains. Besides, if you happen to breakdown, repair it very difficult, as it is designed for various mechanical and automatic innovations. Therefore, to protect it from repair it is necessary to use additional filters and a pressure reducer.

There is another type of – flow-cumulative. He is little known, as used mainly by vacationers. Advantages are low weight and displacement.

To install water heaters better on the wall in the closet, bathroom or toilet. There it will be less noticeable. But it is worth considering the size and weight of the device: not every wall will hold a large amount of water, and even in the boiler. So sometimes you have to install special anchors.

What methods of heating are there? Three of them: gas, electric and another, not very popular, heating liquid or solid fuel.

In the method of electric heating, it is desirable to use a metal pipe.

Water heaters, gas heated, are often used in private houses and cottages. They are the most economical and affordable. They can be in the form of geysers or storage.

But boilers with heating based on liquid or solid hot mixes very disadvantageous. They are mainly used in the industrial sector, as waste from the production, such as emissions and gases that affect the atmosphere.

The indirect heating boiler is a hybrid version, where both used the power and heat of the heating system. Through the use of heat of an external source of energy, a boiler is more economical than its competitors why it is considered an excellent replacement Combi boilers in apartments, private houses, office buildings, and businesses. The indirect heating boiler is capable of quickly heating large volumes of liquid and to submit it to several different points of hot water separation. For example, having a tank capacity of 100L. you can get 500L. of water per hour. More information on these boilers read online grandeza-climat.

But whatever heater you choose, it is advisable once a year and a half to summon the masters to the diagnosis, possible replacement of some elements.

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