What washing machine is better to choose? The guide of the consumer

What washing machine is better to choose? The guide of the consumer

What washing machine is better to choose? The purchase of a new washing machine – task responsible, difficult and complex. I want to make a good purchase that will delight you with its functionality, capacity, ability to load larger items (coat, blanket, etc) without taking up much space.

Preparing to purchase a washing Manki

Any buyer in the first place, is based on two parameters – price and dimensions. Many people are also searching for the mandatory presence of certain features. For example, parents prefer to buy the washing machine with the option of child lock (lock and the door buttons in the wash), someone it is important to have Ironing, washing, soaking, etc. In any case, before you go to the store for purchase, it is necessary to clearly define their financial capabilities, functional expectations, place in the house where is located the machine, its maximum dimensions (height, width, length).

Let’s say you like the machine. It is worth to examine guidelines for choosing washing machines, the latest achievements of the manufacturers in this field, customer reviews on specific brands. Many shops present their goods on Internet sites, where you can browse items, compare prices with the «neighbors». Also, you will help reviews on washing machines how best to choosecan be found in the cards of each item in major online stores.

The size of washing machines is an important criterion for its acquisition

One of the key parameters of washing machines is its size. The bigger the size, the more load, so more Laundry can be washed at one time – it saves energy, water and time. Washing machines up to a width of forty inches can be washed up to four to five kilos of clothes, and miniature models of a width slightly greater than thirty inches to three and a half pounds. Full-size models allow you to upload five to ten pounds of linen at a time.

Define the needed type download

Machines for washing clothes can have a vertical or front-loading. On the quality of washing is a way of opening the hatch in no way affected. Machines with front loading are presented in wide assortment in comparison with machines with vertical loading. However, in the washing machine with vertical loading, you can add things already in the process of washing and place in the house for them to find easier.

An important characteristic of the washing machine is the material from which made the tank. If it is stainless steel, it can settle a variety of substances, which subsequently lead to damage and require the use of local water resources. Tanks made of polymer materials are more durable.

Determined by energy washing machine

Another no less important characteristic is the level of energy consumption. For good cars, it should not be below «B», the best «A+». Also pay attention to the level of water consumption.

The wash cycle

The presence of several modes of spin allows you to wash delicate fabrics. Many manufacturers (AEG, Ariston, LG, Bosch, Samsung, Zanussi) equip cars several tens of modes for washing clothes (children’s, silk, cotton, wool, synthetic, etc.), with different, complex degree of pollution. This allows you to forget about such treatments as soaking, boiling, the output of each difficult spot separately.

Short wash cycle, lasting fifteen or twenty minutes, allow to «refresh» the clothes are not very dirty. Washing machine with electronic controls allow you to create your own profiles.

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