What to wear men winter 2016-2017: the Park, a sheepskin coat or a jacket?

What to wear men winter 2016-2017: the Park, a sheepskin coat or a jacket?

What to wear men winter 2016-2017? The answer to this question was given by the designers on the latest fashion shows men’s clothing. In this winter season in the trend remain and the Park, a sheepskin coat and jacket, but the latest information will be described in this article.

Park in casual style – comfortable and fashionable

Park is a versatile jacket thanks to a detachable fur she’s a great autumn and winter jacket. And the drawstring waist will help to keep warm. Besides, the Park is made of waterproof and windproof fabric which leaves no marks on the rain drops. To buy such a model, not overpaying, only using coupons Lamoda winter clothing.

Park winter season 2017 sewn casual style that is casual. The length of this jacket about 10 cm above the knee and the hood needs to be trimmed with fur, the more fluffy fur, the better. Best fur of sable or silver Fox. Colors for the parks for the season is chosen – black, Royal blue, dark green, khaki, yellow, beige, gray. Another important benefit of parks over other types of winter outerwear is a large number of pockets. It’s so convenient not only to stack them the keys and gloves, but to warm the hands. High collar and fur hood will warm and without headgear. In this convenient sewing a jacket can be worn a turtleneck, and a stylish sweater, perfect wool pants, and jeans.

Sheepskin always in trend

Sheepskin on the runway for more than 20 years, is a leader and has become a kind of classic top winter clothing. Nothing particularly new designers did not change in sheepskin this winter. Simply cut lines and shoulder jewelry and remain in trend. Long or short just below the waist, or medium-just below the knee. Tanned skin inconspicuous flowers may be in tune with inner fur and dramatically different in color. When the rigors of cut and minimalist details, the designers still added to some products sheepskin hood. That looks very practical and timely.

Under my coat is still recommended trousers or jeans a classic style. Very interesting look with the sheepskin sweater with a high collar and corduroy pants.

Jacket – practical and easy

The shows of winter outerwear it was hard not to notice a lot of very bright and colorful models of jackets. And bright in the literal sense of the word turquoise, red, orange, Indigo, green. Well, of course, there are classic black and dark gray, but they are used as the base color with very bright accents. Some models of jackets presented with petrochimi as jackets stepanki.

Very high stand – up collar covers nearly the entire lower part of his face and hood from snow and wind. Such models are perfect for young and athletic men with a streak of rebellion. Especially jackets are in this season with no less colourful – Sunny scarves, pants sport type and high boots military style.

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