What to give for wedding, popular wedding gifts

What to give for wedding, popular wedding gifts

Getting ready for the wedding, the couple buying the best wedding accessories in St. Petersburg, while their relatives and friends talk about the fact that at the same time useful and pleasant to give to brides. In this article you will learn what to give for a wedding friends or relatives.

Popular wedding gifts

The young couple will be very useful for a set of nice stainless steel pans, tableware or Cutlery. From ancient times to the present day tableware for wedding remains the most relevant gift.

Traditional dishes displaces to date appliances. A luxury gift can be a kitchen appliance, for the whole family to be useful, the slow cooker is the fashionable thing will be in the kitchen young coffee maker, etc.

The following common giftwhich get young families is linen. Also often handed pillows and blankets, beautiful blankets and bedspreads.

Cash gift – for and against

In modern weddings money — the most popular gift and it is quite natural. This way, you allow the couple to choose what they need. If you have the desire to give money and to make a commemorative gift, you can purchase a gift certificate. For example, a jewelry store, appliances or furniture store.

Gifts from parents

The most coveted gift from parents is, of course, flat. However, to give the keys to the property can afford, not all moms and dads. Other valuable gifts: cars, land, wedding trip abroad.

In our reality the perfect wedding gift can be considered 2 tablet or laptop. Being aware of the needs of young, parents can give them to the wedding TV, washing machine, microwave, air conditioning.

Cash gift can be nice to beat. For example, making a small cardboard house, stick for the tips on his bills, handed with the words: «and here is your cottage». It is also possible to present the car, and even have a trip (boat money). Money look originally on the bricks of foam, which will act as the symbolic Foundation of a new life.

What to give the couple who have everything

  • In the presence of a country site will be a great gift outdoor stove with the functions of the grills, grill and oven.
  • Wife, lives in an apartment in the city, should appeal to the fountain, which will create an atmosphere of relaxation.
  • A good gift will be a beautiful home or a safe embedded in the wall hiding place.
  • Fans of extreme sports like flying on a balloon, a diving lesson or a rafting tour.

Using recommendations based on the site vbelom you are sure to choose the best gift!

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