What to do when hot water is turned off

What to do when hot water is turned off

Each has its own style of behavior when hot water was turned off. Some call it «best» friends and relatives of those areas of the city where the water is shut off on a different schedule.

For someone easier to ride out this difficult time with basin and boiler. But the need for comfort is one of the most challenging human activities.

There are those who act according to the motto from my childhood: «If you want to be healthy – tempered!» With bath and shower these people periodically hear heart-rending cries and in the end – not entirely logical «Oh, good!»

Finally, there are public baths, saunas, swimming pools, in General, a lot of places where you can take a shower and to forget about the hygiene issues.

But what to do when hot water is needed immediately?

To obtain the necessary amount of hot water will help the water heater.

To answer the question of what kind of water heater, we offer you to determine the necessary characteristics of the device:

  • the ability to quickly get hot water;
  • good water pressure;
  • sufficient capacity to supply water to the faucet in the kitchen and shower;
  • compact size.

These benefits in the period when hot water is turned off, provide a tankless water heater. Devices of this type are installed or directly in the tube by tapping (pressure instantaneous water heaters), or to one of the water intake points (non-pressure instantaneous water heaters).

The water passes through the tankless water heater quickly heats up to installed heating element. Hot water can be used immediately, as if mute was not. This small improvement makes early surprises prepared by our housing sector.

Due to the dimensions and instantaneous water heaters lack the storage tank, they are easy to install, without cluttering the space. Install the device in close proximity to the faucet or shower mixer that allows you to adjust the water temperature and control the heater.

Power electric instantaneous water heaters may be different. A typical grid normal apartment will stand the appliance with a capacity of 3-6 kW. These water heaters produce an average of 4 litres of heated water per minute.

Thus, you will ensure the independence from schedules of disconnect of hot water, accidents in hot water systems and other surprises from our utilities.

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