What to do when an office move?

What to do when an office move?

When you think about moving the joy of anticipation of your new office pales. Furniture, safes, appliances, documents and a thousand little things…

What to do when office move? Everything should be Packed. How many and what boxes need? And where to get them? Transport – which and how many machines will be needed? The movers… and… And clean in the old office behind? And to explain everything at the new place? And here too clean… How much time and effort is moving?

Whom to entrust the office move?

All the questions easily answer the transport company. Here you can inexpensively predostavit transportation of furniture in Moscow or other Russian cities, and also restore good mood, will save time, will take all the difficulties of moving.

Any business should be done by a professional, not an Amateur. Each of us has experience moving small – at best, a few times. Specialists use their expertise and skills have hundreds or thousands of different situations.

Stages of the office move

Algorithm of actions the such:

  1. Through the website or by phone order free service of the appraiser of the nature of the move.
  2. Provide all the necessary information: addresses, number of storeys, availability of trucks and easy elevators, number of safes, furniture, large office equipment, the volume of the archive. It is advisable that the evaluator visited the offices personally, you can avoid inaccuracies and errors due to incomplete information.
  3. The plan of placing items in the new premises. In accordance with this plan the sequence of loading the machine and the features of the marking of individual pieces of cargo.
  4. Received advice rules for packaging and labeling, if the process would be carried out by the office staff. Where appropriate, this responsibility will rest with the staff of the transport company, and employees will care only about their personal belongings.
  5. Specialist company selects the appropriate amount of transport transport one or more vehicles.
  6. Calculated the required number of porters and their adaptations (straps, trolleys, lifts).
  7. Is determined by the quantity and quality of necessary packing materials (boxes, wrappers, gaskets, etc.).
  8. Calculation of cost of transportation.
  9. Is shipping. Thanks to the experience and integrity of the workers of the transport company all the cargo safely delivered to the new office. Through labeling each item without the clutter spread on the specified places. When needed assembled furniture.
  10. After placement of the cleaning, removal of packaging materials.
  11. Responsible office worker checks that all prescribed work and signs the act of acceptance. Receives an invoice for payment of services rendered.

Trust the professionals and material costs will pay off handsomely preservation of all items of office, save time, order and opportunity with a cheerful and good mood to begin work on a new place. All the features of an office move you can read the link: gruz-porter/page/ofisnyi-pereezd-v-moskve.

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