What to do if you lost your phone?

What to do if you lost your phone?

Perhaps today is the most indispensable thing. Leaving home without your phone, the person feels uncomfortable – it replaces it all: clock, flashlight, calendar, and notebook, and reference book, and, of course, is a means of communication. Even more uncomfortable the person starts to feel if he left the house with the phone, but at some point I noticed that the phone in your pocket and your bag. The phone was lost. What should I do?

Yet forget about the street, you should start with houses. At home people lose a phone more often. He does something around the house, automatically puts it somewhere phone, and the next moment he already can’t remember where it was left. Usually the phone is «lost» on a chair or sofa in the so-called «dead zone» between handle and seat. If you for a long time trying to find the phone, but to no avail, try to remember when and where you held it in your hands for the last time. If there is another phone call from him. Well, if the phone is set to alarm, and at some point it will work. Then don’t have to endlessly search for it, if the mode «without sound».

It happens that the phone is lost in a remote place: under beds, dressers, other furniture items that is low is raised above the floor, and physically very difficult (if not impossible) to search something. Pitch «the seeker», which you can stick under a piece of furniture, and look for the phone there.

Greatly simplified the search for a lost phone if it is attached to a keychain. Especially useful trinkets, responsive sound for sound. But they are not very common.

More difficult is the case of finding a phone in case of theft. Not always following approaches are effective, but they need to know about – perhaps they will help you find your phone. Every device has an IMEI number of 15 digits. This number allows the operator to find where the stolen phone. You can find this code in the phone under the battery or on the box. Code needs to be written.

If you have a more advanced model of phone then they have built-in search engine. Often, however, it works only when sim card on the phone is replaced. Search by code IMEI can be carried out only when the fact of theft of your phone proven, and can be involved in law enforcement.

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