What to consider when buying a car?

What to consider when buying a car?

The eternal question – which car is worth buying – maintained or fresh from the factory. Advantages and disadvantages of both categories of machines. What to consider when buying a car?

Used cars

A perfect option for you when making a purchase to choose a car whose age is not more than two years. The cost of the machine will be lower of course than the original, but in this case plays a big role exactly how old the machine is on the move. The fact is that after approximately seven years of operation will begin regular damage cars, and that’s under good care, with little care, permanent damage can begin even after three years of use. Some parts wear out, requiring replacement. Remember that if the machine had a high initial cost, it is not difficult to guess that to buy parts for this car are expensive.

To insure a second-hand car, which has more than ten years, is not taken every insurance company, and to justify their risk, they inflate the cost of insurance, the extra costs for you.

It will eventually wear out and the engine so the fuel consumption will be higher than in the first five years of the use of cars, approximately five to ten percent.

New car

Why do people have to buy a second-hand car, risking to stumble on a pile of garbage? Price. New cars can be flat in a small town, and sometimes more. But, consider the fact that in the first years, you do not have to spend money to buy parts for it. They’re new, not worn, and hence will serve well.

If you’re a fan of pumping vehicle, the new car is not for you if you want to use the warranty on this type of transport. The thing is that under warranty, you can’t make changes to the car. In this case, the preference for cars with high mileage.

You should postpone buying a new car, if you want to be in the black, save. For the first year of sales, the price of such car will begin to decline gradually, although at first it is high, and in the next few years the price also will fall. So isn’t it better to take advantage of this opportunity and buy a car later? And during this time, you can save more money and not take it on credit at high cost.

It should take into account the fact that a brand new car – it’s a tasty piece of cake for car thieves. It attracts with its brilliance and novelty. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, ensure safety of your car. Put the car in the garage, do not leave in the yard where she will be to provoke criminals to hijack. If you don’t have a garage, then think about purchasing it or buying cars with mileage.

All means. But if you have the opportunity to buy for cash or to repay the loan for the car, then give preference to a new car. Still put less energy she has, and she will not fail you at the most unexpected moment.

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