What tile is best?

What tile is best?

If before the tile was the only one that is made of clay, today for the manufacture of roofing with the same name and can use other materials. So when you need to choose and buy a roof, it becomes difficult to decide to stop on something specific.

Classic tile from clay

This is the roof, which was used a century ago. The technology is almost similar to what was used in those days, except small changes for the better. Producers were able to expand the color range and to make its surface formed the mold. The material is very expensive. And since it is produced in Europe, due to the increase in the exchange rate, its value was two times higher in our market. Why the popularity of such roofs has decreased. Although the quality it is considered one of the best, it may boast of durability, safety, excellent thermal insulation properties and soundproofing.


It is cheap, quick to install, installation is inexpensive, looks natural, can boast of a wide color range. But sound and thermal insulation properties of this material is quite modest, you need the roof can be additionally insulated on the inside so it was warm. And this is additional costs. However, this roofing material is currently the market leader. The whole thing is in affordable price, speed of installation, durability and attractive appearance. Metal is safe in terms of environmental friendliness.


It is made from bitumen which is covered with a special stone chips, colorants and protective eggs. The material is thin, but the heat and sound insulation properties it is good. Due to its softness, for example, heavy rain or hail, the material dampens the noise, so inside the house is quiet, nothing rattles. This is an important factor for the residents of the rainy regions. The main advantage is that it is flexible. And that is, what is chosen by those who want to create unusual, complex shape roof. Other materials will not allow you to work with such non-standard configurations, or it will be extremely difficult.

Composite tiles

It is not too expensive. It is a sheet of galvanized steel, which is glued stone chippings, it is all then painted, covered with a protective substance. Due to the relief sheet form, reminiscent of natural slate wave roofing looks like the real ceramic.

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