What style of interior design to choose for the kitchen?

What style of interior design to choose for the kitchen

Doing repairs in the kitchen, but I don’t know what style to equip it? Can’t decide which style of interior design to choose for the kitchen? In this article you will find answers to your questions!

At the beginning of the repair, you need to determine what to make repairs: cosmetic or capital. The difference between them is that the cosmetic repair, you just add a little jewelry to create a unified style, and when major repairs need to completely replace the floors, walls, furniture. Usually, if you buy new buildings in the metro to Arbatskaya or in another area of the resort to overhaul. Cosmetic used to «freshen up» the interior.

When we decided this question, time and style of interior design to choose. Kitchen fit quite a lot of options.

For the redecoration of the suit: high-Tech, Minimalism, Turkish style.

To repair fit: Oriental style, Provence, Aristocratic style.

Now about each order.

Hi-tech is a bit fantastic, but relaxed style. This style is suitable light color. White, grey, blue – this is one of the main colors of high-Tech. To finish the kitchen in this style, you do not need to change radically, enough to add several elements of bright and calm colors. Table and chairs must be from the same set, they must be of light wood. It is very important that all items have been crafted in harmonious tones of this lost unity of style. The trick of this style is the functionality and comfort. Therefore, technology must be easy to manage.

Minimalism is probably the easiest way. To create this style of cuisine should be a minimum of items, they should be functional and simple. The main color is white and all light shades. This style is perfect for small kitchens, and besides, it does not require large financial costs. With this style in the kitchen should be a lot of space, so much to put the furniture is not worth it.

Oriental style – another style which is suitable for cosmetic repair. In this style the kitchen should be divided into two zones – where the cook and where to eat. The tile is better to have an unusual ornament, it can be done by using stencils and paint. The window in the kitchen to hang light curtains. For furniture suitable velvet sofas and large pillows. When you create this style, use warm colors such as, gold, red, caramel. The main condition – natural materials. It is desirable that the walls were decorated with bamboo. The table should be round shape and located in the center of the kitchen. On the walls you can hang the characters or decorate a tile with a picture of Sakura.

Provence. This style loves the tree! This material should be made all the furniture. To decorate a room better than fresh flowers and wicker baskets. The gentle color to choose: blue, pink, beige, dark yellow.

Aristocratic style. The main feature of this style is – luxury. The furniture should be of saturated colors. Tiles decorated with gold. In this style in the kitchen picture are welcome, of course, with a Royal theme. The chairs should be decorated with velvet. Colors for this style: black, red, Burgundy, and all the warm shades.

No matter what style to choose for the kitchen, as long as it looked nice and simple.

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