What should be the mattress for the double bed

What should be the mattress for the double bed

What should be the mattress for the double bed? Double bed , has a bed for two people, United during sleep. Two different people can have diametrically opposing views on what should be the mattress. Or you can find a compromise, and what should be paid attention to through this difficult choice, we will tell you below.

Mattress length

Considered to be the length of the mattress is acceptable, if it is 15-20 cm more of growth. Add this value to the growth of the tallest person in your pair. If the resulting value lies in the range 190-200 cm, you can fit product model length. For those who are not lucky enough to fit into the given span, we can recommend the purchase of a mattress custom-made.

Another option for people with nonstandard growth can serve as a round mattress. There are models with a diameter of 220 cm and 240 cm even

Mattress width

A convenient width of a double mattress depends on several factors:

  • Dimensions couples. People full physique need more space, so they should pay attention to models from 180 cm and wider.
  • Of psychological comfort. People who used to fall asleep in each other’s arms is enough of a mattress with a width of 140-160 cm..
  • The size of the room. You should not consider to buy a wide bed and mattress, if you have a bedroom done in a long, narrow pencil box with one window.

The spring or springless mattress

The choice of mattress for the double bed invariably encounters the advantages and disadvantages of spring and springless mattresses:

  • The first creak, but the second less durable.
  • The first is cheaper, but more environmentally friendly.
  • The first is represented by a variety of unified models, but the second will always be an exclusive option.

Among all the arguments should be allocated to 2 main ones: the price and convenience. Try to arrive at the furniture shop and try on those models that fall within your financial capabilities. Sure, the selection won’t disappoint you.

The rigidity of the mattress

Wondering which mattress to sleep better – hard or soft, you should focus on the following parameters:

  • Age couples. The older people are, the softer the mattress they need.
  • Weight. The more people the harder the mattress should be chosen.
  • Problems with the spine. The more serious health problems, the harder the mattress should be.

These options not only that you should pay attention, but they are basic. I hope that the arguments resulted in consensus and unanimity of your family in the choice of mattress.

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