What requirements must meet a coffee photo-illustration?

a real photographer-journalist

What requirements must meet a coffee photo-illustration? We can’t say that it should be technically good — focus on its inner qualities. Photo-illustration should not only mechanically record and display objects, but also to talk, to tell about the event. It should be easy to reach the consciousness of the viewer, to be clear to the readers of the newspaper clarifies no signature, only one short title. Boring, bland, not the right reader.

The principle of reportage photography

Photo must be meaningful, must have the mood and to convey to his audience, to arouse interest. Not too much to photo motion passed and gave the plot and the persons involved in the action. Photos need to be topical. The picture illustrates an old one is suitable in most cases only in the editorial basket. Not to mention the Newspapers, even weekly magazines the suitability of the picture is calculated for hours sometimes — especially before the cessation of the material in the magazine. Through the day it loses value because it cannot get into the current room, and for the next — not good, because by the time the event will expire and other journals that are more accurate photographers, already put it.

To give a good photo illustration — not so easy. This is not just download pictures for world of Warcraft. Photo essay requires skill, and is quite high. Not every professional can immediately become a photojournalist. And a beginner with a simple camera, and is already an accomplished photographer with sophisticated camera that can both give images that are of interest to readers and suitable for placement in the magazine. If they really want to work for magazines and are not experienced photojournalists with extensive experience, they often have questions and concerns.

Undoubtedly, there are many fans that can become photographers. We need to teach them to make suitable pictures for magazines, you need to increase the General quality level of magazine photos illustrations. Active and fresh photographer will find before us a large field for work and equipped for good shots of the market; he would not have to sit idle.

How to become a real photographer-journalist

Put your pictures in the magazines, everyone can. However, in order to become a real photographer, a journalist, besides a good camera and knowledge of photography, you need a special newspaper flair to those moments that can interest the reader, and that really should be removed. The photojournalist needs to have a camera wherever he may be, to be the reporter’s observation, at once to feel and to seize interesting to assess the situation and quickly navigate all the possibilities.

Artistic observation is also a necessary element because without it, the photojournalist, even the best technique will be difficult to achieve any remarkable success. But it will help him to find the plot for a shooting where another will pass by, having noticed nothing. The beginner should, however, remember not to become a photojournalist in two to three weeks. The work requires a lot of perseverance and effort to be noticeable among many photographers, with whom it has drafted. Succeed and move out a bit, but a beginner should not be deterred by this: very much in front of him, untouched corners, and editors are waiting for new and fresh photographers. Decided to move on the field magazine photos, should not upset the first possible failures, and to discover their causes. In case of success, they more than will be rewarded with interesting work, which gives a lot of fun.

Henri Cartier-Bresson the Father of photo reportage

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