What monitor is less harmful for eyes?

What monitor is less harmful for eyes?

On the one hand the advent of computers has greatly simplified the life of modern man. For example, they allow you to quickly and accurately perform many complicated tasks. On the other hand, have a negative impact on health. Most often this is manifested in the deterioration of view. Therefore, in this article we will focus on what the monitor is less harmful to the eyes.

CRT monitors

Monitor based on the electro-beam tube – a fairly common device information display. Its working principle is to convert electrical signals into an image. These screens besides that take a lot of space, and require large amounts of energy. On date range, CRT monitors and more all contribute to poor vision. The price of such screens is low, however, later on some time of its application, the treatment will cost many times more. Not to mention the fact that their time has long since passed.

LED monitor

Unlike the previous version, LED monitors instead of lamps using LEDs. With these small lights, the user is able to see the image. The main feature of such screens is in natural color reproduction and less energy demand (at least 2 times). As for the cost, on the contrary, several times more expensive, however, and the quality is appropriate.

LCD monitors

And the last type are LCD monitors. They are made on the basis of the liquid substance with the properties of crystal – CYANOGEN phenyl. Today’s most popular computer monitors, however, not surprising. After all, they are the most safe – no adverse to humans. The price depends on the size of the diagonal.

But, as the LCD screens were not safe, they still affect a person’s vision. Therefore, it is necessary to remember some rules of the computer:

  • the distance from the screen to the eyes should be at least 50 centimetres;
  • in addition to the main lighting, make extra (for this perfect table lamps);
  • avoid glare from the screen;
  • every 40 minutes carrying the computer, take ten-minute breaks.

Following the above information, you not only will know which screen has less harm to the eyes, but also to reduce the negative impact on their health. And most importantly, do not forget about the rules of the computer.

How to choose a modern safe for eyes the monitor will tell you the following video.

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