What material to choose for the roof?

What material to choose for the roof

The roof has an important role for the shape and General appearance of the house. The color and material of the facade should blend with the roof. The choice of material for the roof depends on the financial capacity, personal taste and preferences in the installation. What material to choose for the roof?

Next, we list the most popular types of materials for the roof.


Metal – durable (50 years or more) and reliable (not fragile the material is a steel sheet coated with colored polymer coating. The material doesn’t breathe, need air gap between the roof and ceiling below the ceiling do not decay. Fastened with metal screws to a metal or wooden bars.

Soft tile

Soft tile – based material fiberglass, impregnated with bitumen, the top sprinkled with basaltic grit. Service life up to 50 years, with regular coating inspection and replacement of damaged pieces. Glued onto the mastic, nailed with small nails, on an equal basis.

Cement-sand tile – more durable tiles based on cement and quartz sand. The lifespan from 80 to 100 years due to resistance to mechanical abrasion, vapor permeability and resistance to temperature changes. Is attached with screws to the crate.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is the most durable (over 100 years), natural. Durable, vapor permeable, resistant to temperature changes. The disadvantages in cost and weight.


Slate with a basis of asbestos; durable, cheap, not very sturdy. Quickly loses its attractive appearance. When the battle is formed, is very harmful dust, so you need to work in a respirator.


Ondulin – on the basis of a cardboard impregnated with bitumen, resin, mineral substances and pigments. Very light material, easy to install, cheap. But the lifetime is only 8 years old. It quickly fades and loses its form.

The choice of roof color

The choice of color of the roof is not easy. Dark colors look impressive, but they are prone to fading, and light the roof only harmonious look with lighter walls. Perfect combination of colors when the walls and roof of the same color, but different shades. The white color of the building always up to date, it looks rich and noble. To match any roof color.

Depending on the properties and lifetime, select a roofing material, corresponding to individual preferences. The modern market is so diverse that the boundaries in the choice of colors no, anyone can order the material for the roof in the desired color. If you do not restrain imagination and not rely on stereotypes, you can create a dream home that will please the view for many years. And in the case of selection of Ondulin, 8 years old, and then again be «new house».

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