What kind of working gloves from h/b to select the class of mating and number of threads

What gloves to choose from cotton to knit class and number of threads

For many cotton working gloves visually indistinguishable among themselves, but it’s not. They vary in density, quality, mating, and other factors. Therefore, the share of these products by the types of classes and number of threads.

Classes working gloves

The division into classes depends on the density of the twisting strands, their thickness and other characteristics:

  1. For protection against mechanical damage used the name of the 7th class of the thick filaments with the usual dense weave. So they are more thick and coarse that prevents injury during the work, protecting it from mechanical damage.
  2. Popular products 10-th class, which combines and the preservation of the sensitivity of the hands and protection from damage. This is achieved through the use of a thinner yarn, but with a high density of twisting. Thus, it is possible to perform any repair and construction work, Assembly machinery, etc. These products presented on the site ivutex/catalog. Please note that in the catalog there are variations of gloves: standard, with PVC coating for more protection and grip, reinforced polyester yarn, etc. the Advantage of these products is that you can select the «tread pattern, number of threads, if you order gloves for different types of work. All products are completely natural, made of 100% cotton.
  3. Products 13th class, designed for precision work and have a high density knit. The choice should be based on what types of work to be performed. But for construction and other related works that require protection and the sensitivity of the hands, the best gloves will be the tenth class.

The distribution of the number of threads

Here everything is much simpler: the gloves can be manufactured from twisting and binding of three, four or five threads. Also they will differ in additional characteristics:

  • Length wrist cuffs: short or long.
  • Simple s/W products or with a PVC coating. Almost all names usually have a latex edging cuffs. The lack of tire tread PVC is not a disadvantage, as these gloves are used for specific applications, for example, in glass manufacture, or where required hot processing of materials.

Often use products made of PVC coating, has a different pattern: point, wave, protector. Each has its own scope. For example, the dot pattern is recommended for loading and unloading.

Non-random is the choice of cotton for the production of gloves. He gives the product strength, high density, does not cause irritation of hands and very practical. After the execution of works, these gloves can be washed and reused. Their choice should be based on purposes of usage, which will depend on the class and the number of threads.

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