What kind of roof to choose for your interior

What kind of roof to choose for your interior

What kind of roof to choose for your interior? Trading a number of presents a variety of stretch ceilings, panel and rack installations, but the most effective and convenient will undoubtedly be a conventional plastered ceiling. Why?


Stretch ceilings have become very popular. This is because they are easy to install, long service life and require regular updates. In addition, such ceilings have a perfectly smooth surface, which, optionally, can be glossy, Matt or patterned. Buy ceilings in Perm or another city it wouldn’t be any problems.

The ceiling under the plaster

Classic – smooth and white as snow, the plane will surely bring pleasure to the owners constantly, not depending on the preferences and different tastes. Ecologically sound materials – nothing but plaster. Due to its minimalism and lack of canopies ceiling for the kitchen will not be visually hide the additional height.

Disadvantages – the complexity and the need to come to difficult finishes. To make absolutely equal and smooth surface, need careful alignment and adjustment (with difficult options, the installation of stucco mesh), then the filling, vielka or staining. The paint should be from a quality manufacturer and water-resistant.

Preparation for painting includes the following steps:

  • You need to level the ceiling, repair all the bumps and cracks with putty, sanding the tabs, the remainder of the putty.
  • The implementation of color. Coloring is pretty time-consuming occupation that requires a master’s hands. If the outer surface of the ceiling of the darken spots from the smoke and soot, they must be eliminated, otherwise yellow spots after painting, again, and all work will be in vain. Free from dirt and specks will come to the rescue primed oil matte paint color, subsequently, the imposition of which is permitted to put the right paint.

Pasting ceiling Wallpaper

Another type of finishing the ceiling are the Wallpaper. This type of decoration, there is a positive side. Wallpaper is a cheap type of finishing works. They are more economical than painting the ceiling, and significantly cheaper than the installation of stretch ceilings. In the plaster housing is subject to shrinkage, small cracks appear. The Wallpaper will give the option to hide this deficiency. Water resistant Wallpaper freely amenable to cleaning, this way they always look as good as new. Paintable Wallpaper gives unlimited freedom to your fiction shade and texture of the picture will undoubtedly be subject to your decisions.

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