What kind of front door is better to buy?


What kind of front door is better to buy? Based on the practices of organizing space Feng Shui, it is the front door affects the mood of its constituent people. The door first to greet the guests, and the first is to protect the house from intruders. Need serious and responsible attitude to the choice of entrance doors, it is necessary to consider some nuances in the selection.

Varieties and functions of entrance doors

Entrance doors can be divided into two types: steel and wood. Nowadays rarely rarely started to install wooden doors. Wooden entrance entry doors are more expensive and less reliable compared to metal.

Consider factors influencing selection of entry doors:

  • aesthetics. No one wants to put in your house a bad door;
  • Protection. A solid door will protect the house from burglary and keep property from theft;
  • Heat and sound insulation;
  • the dimensions of the entrance doors;
  • The presence of the eye;
  • High quality fittings.

Design modern doors

Today often buy the metal door. Wood used as decorative elements. However, the internal filling of the door is different, and this depends on price and service life. You can buy the door in Ternopil misto-dverey/ or a city near you.

The door design includes:

  • Door leaf, facing, external and internal sheet metal;
  • Ribs;
  • Anchors for fastening to the wall;
  • Rubber sealant. Protect the room from draughts and dust;
  • Box. The basis of the whole structure, filling the doorway;
  • Loop. Component that helps to attach doors to the door frame;
  • Protivosemnye pins;
  • Mortise lock;
  • Porch. Metal or steel ledge on the front door;
  • Insulation. Inside the structure is a layer of insulation, and in all their thickness;
  • Trim. Part of the decor in the form of overhead moldings that covers the gap between wall and door frame;
  • The door hinges.

Door hinges front door – the weakest point. For entry, just enough to knock the door hinges, so they should be given special attention.

Types of loops:

  • Hinges with bearing, equipped with a special mechanism against withdrawal;
  • Hidden hinges. The advantages of such loops that in private to them, it is impossible to get;
  • Fingers.

Doors economy class

In order to save money, many people have to opt for more affordable models of doors. For the production of doors use less durable materials. Sometimes you have to engage in self-insulation of doors. The protective function of budget options, reduced, but even that doesn’t make them completely useless.The door can be made of cheaper materials, but its protective function against the cold and penetrating, will perform. It should be borne in mind that buy entrance doors at the best price misto-dverey/shop/category/vhidni-door means to choose the cheapest. A reasonable ratio of price and quality – here is the right solution for any purchase!

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