What is the SUV deserves its name?

What is the SUV deserves its name?

What is the SUV deserves its name? The SUV is a real trend last season, and is so significant that it occupies a prominent place in the development of the majority of the world’s leading auto companies. Moreover, even those SUVs never indulged in, actively engaged in the development and testing of own premium and economy models. And this, in turn, suggests that crossovers have become a class of cars that are most in demand in the market and raise more interest among the public. But in order to buy a good SUV, you have to at least envision what is and what isn’t.

Distinctive features of this SUV

You should not be tricked by the external effects. «Kenguryatnik», or ramming bumper, exactly the same as the headlamp-headlight are characteristic attributes of this class of machines, although they often hang to the crossover lovers of the exotic. The key to the SUV is its frame, or as it is called, the frame of the chassis. It should be at least integrated, and the bearing body is not really suitable for this SUV, which will be operated in muddy, snowy and just uneven and covered with stones of the area. Despite the fact that some manufacturers have released, for example, «Tuareg» or «Range Rover sport» integrated on the frame, it is not necessary to give in, because the stiffness of the suspension and its endurance in this case greatly suffer.

What is low range?

Some understand «fighters» – without low gear , offroader like a soldier without a rifle. Therefore, to buy a car that claims to such a title and has no low range, that is, the reduction gear, even with respect to the transfer to 2.0, probably not worth it. In order to leave the hopeless mud, you need a very large capacity. To ensure that no truck out of the sandy swell, snow snow or swamps or some similar adventure, you need more than first gear.

Need a full drive?

The machine, which is designed for abnormal operating conditions of the transmission must be owned by the driver who decides when he needs a four-wheel drive, and when not. The so-called adaptive management programs transmission efficiency inferior to even a moderately trained driver, and chiarugi them away as the sky.

And finally, there’s this amazing thing called a geometric permeability. The ground clearance of this SUV needs to allow for the possibility of crossing over large rocks and fallen trees, so no «19 inches» here we are not talking in principle. You need to consider the angles of the exit, entrance, ramp, wheel base should not be excessively long.

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