What is the siding

What is the siding

What is the siding now know far not all. This type of decorative cladding facades are very popular abroad and is just beginning to gain popularity in our countries. Siding can be used for any decoration of buildings: private houses, flats and cottages. Due to the simplicity of installation, the siding is the best way to rebuild the walls built from different materials.

What is the siding

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Siding made from panels of small size, which are bonded in such a way that the result is a flat surface. In addition, the siding gives the buildings a smart aesthetic, it also significantly insulates the building. Depending on the material of the siding panels is divided into several types:

  • wood siding
  • metal siding
  • vinyl siding
  • ground siding


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Wood siding is made from plates which are made of pressed wood fibre. Because of its high cost and small lifespan of this species is not very popular.

For metal siding panels are used in aluminum or galvanized steel. They have considerable weight and high cost. Main advantage is the high resistance to temperature fluctuations. This type is mainly used for the cladding of buildings for production purposes.

Vinyl siding is the covering plates of polyvinyl chloride(PVC), which also produced plastic Windows. This material is very lightweight, clean and cheap. It has good resistance to temperature changes, mechanical and chemical influences and is able to last up to fifty years. All this has made vinyl siding the most popular today.

Ground siding is manufactured primarily from polyvinyl chloride is very durable and long lasting polymer. The main advantage of ground siding – simulated masonry of natural stone or brick. This is probably the most beautiful types of siding. Its advantages include the fact that it is very practical: maintenance free, will not crack or corrode. Despite its high cost, many people prefer ground siding.

Now you know what is the siding and you can choose the most suitable.

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