What is the plywood to size 20 mm

What is the plywood to size 20 mm

In this article we will tell you about what brand of this thickness is used for a particular purpose and what specifications are important.

Since you are going to buy plywood 20 mm (the price, incidentally, is very nice), then you know exactly what you’re looking for. If after the first sentence you read, means that there is some incompleteness in mind. Or you do not know where you can buy plywood with a thickness of 20 mm at factory price, or no final ideas about the specifications and applications of lumber.

Well, it is time to correct this gross injustice.

Plywood 20 mm brand FC

Since a sheet of plywood 20 mm thick, and FC is the only common grade that is used in residential areas it is made:

  • furniture;
  • thick underlay under parquet or laminate.

In the first case, the evaporators 20 mm of the first or second grades. You need to surface was smooth and uniform and not speckled with knots and cracks. For the substrate under the flooring will approach the third and even fourth grade. Plywood sanded better to work with it safely and conveniently. The moisture resistance of the slab, FC is low, so external works it does not fit.

Plywood 20 mm, grade WBP

FSF – product of increased water resistance, which found its application in:

  • the decking under the heavy roof;
  • the packaging materials;
  • advertising equipment.

In the latter two cases the letter must be polished. For drawers aesthetics last, so you can safely buy the plate in the fourth grade and not to worry. Billboards and signs – the second or third grades, as glued plywood on top of the poster should lie flat and not warp uneven writing. Regarding roofing, metal slate hard by themselves. Sanded surface will not be able to damage the roof coating.

Laminated plywood-20 mm

Letters with laminated mesh coating and treated with water-resistant acrylic paint ends used for:

  • reusable formwork;
  • flooring outdoor playgrounds and railway wagons.

Mesh surface protects from sliding, which increases the safety of concert, sports and children’s playgrounds. She also holds the mortar, which is very valuable when formwork is at an angle.

So, in state we have considered the basic materials of plywood this size

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