What is the material of flooring to choose and why?

What is the material of flooring to choose and why?

Undoubtedly, everyone who has ever done a repair in your apartment or house, accept that to choose the material of the floor covering can certainly be attributed to one of the most difficult issues. This is not surprising, after all, want floors were beautiful and pleasing to the eye, was practical and last a long time (at least until the next major repair), and also has an affordable price.

Do not think that this is a pipe dream. All this can be done, you just have to understand and consider all possible options. Well, what you should pay attention in the first place? First of all you need clearly understand that different areas must be matched with the flooring. Because the operating conditions, for example in the kitchen and bedroom will be completely different.

Types of flooring for the bedroom

What flooring should be in the bedroom? Sure, it should be soft and pleasant, warm and pleasing to the eye. There are two options of flooring for the bedroom would be the best. This is carpet, flooring.


The carpet is made of two types of natural materials and artificial fibers. The main advantage of carpet is certainly a pleasant feeling that you feel, standing on it.

  • Carpet made of wool very easy to clean and it is more environmentally friendly, but this coating wears out pretty quickly a couple of years and requires replacement.
  • Carpeting of man-made fibers more durable, but tactile sensations are not like from the natural.

Parquet Board

Parquet Board is made of several layers of wood.The top layer of parquet Board is made of hardwood such as ash or oak the service life of parquet boards were as long as possible. Due to this wooden Board is only a pleasant feeling to touch and sensation of warmth. Parquet has a long service life, about 25 years. When you erase the top layer can be sanded and re-varnish up to three times.

The middle layer, the thickest are made from softwood, and the lower one with a thickness of about 2 mm of pine plywood. The layers are arranged perpendicular to each other, whereby the parquet flooring is almost not deformed.

Best floor covering for kitchen

Ceramic tile

The kitchen, the room where almost constantly high humidity and temperatures that regularly appear various impurities. For this building as flooring ceramic tiles FAP Roma, this is probably the best option. But there are some drawbacks, and most important of them is the cold tile. Barefoot on the cold tiles to walk unpleasant, besides kitchen floor often to clean, and this is an additional risk of slipping and getting injured. Besides falling to the floor the dishes with the big share of probability will be broken, of course, if it is not metal.


A good alternative to ceramic tile can be a laminate. Decorative coating of laminate is very diverse, so you can find coverage for any kitchen interior. But it is worth considering that for the kitchen to choose laminate flooring high-class, as it is more resistant to abrasion, impact shock and is not afraid of prolonged exposure to water. Well, besides the price of laminate is very affordable.

Cork flooring

Another unusual flooring for your kitchen can serve as a stopper. The original and rather unusual texture is soft and slightly rough, springy step and will allow virtually silent to walk in the kitchen. But most importantly, significantly reduced the risk of slipping, and if the plate will slip from the hands, it is not necessary that it will break. In addition, thanks to technology it is possible to produce a variety of cork colors and textures. Everyone will be able to choose the appropriate option.

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