What is Safari in the Crimea?

What is Safari in the Crimea?

Have you heard about Safari in the Crimea? At the mention of a Safari, many from a picture of the African continent, tigers, lions, and other desert inhabitants. But if you translate the word «Safari» in Arabic, and then we get the meaning of the word «hunting». But many who come for safaris not only to get the tiger skin, that in some country in Africa, incidentally, is prohibited, and to see these predators live. At the moment, this is an inexpensive tour to natural habitats of wild animals, during which it is possible to photograph them.

But the concept of «cheap» travel, for many people sounds different. Not everyone can afford a trip to Africa, not to mention the fact that you need solid spend to obtain visas, buy tour tickets. But that’s not all. In addition, you have to do a bunch of different vaccinations against exotic diseases. In Africa many diseases, from which there is no vaccination, plus the unstable political situation, military conflicts. All this is an occasion to reflect on the meaning of the trip, and even with children.

However, it is not necessary so to worry! There is an excellent solution. To Africa to go not necessarily. Lions thrive in the Crimea in the Park «Taigan». It recently. It is located near Simferopol, in the small town of Belogorsk, in the vast area of 30 hectares inhabited real lion from Africa. At the moment, their 50. Especially now that Crimea is part of Russia! For Russians there are no obstacles to the whole family to visit this amazing place on the shore of the Black sea. This unique Safari, which is not even in Europe.

You should definitely plan a trip on the South-Western coast of Crimea, the resort is sandy. In Crimea you can not only sunbathe, but also to undergo treatment. Here is just a huge number of sanatoriums, boarding houses. If you are traveling with the whole family, great choice of place of residence can become a guest house. This option is perfect for couples who come to vacation with children. In Crimea you can relax not expensive by European prices. There are so many attractions, what to stop the choice on something specific is impossible.

Go to the Crimean Safari it is best to discovery. Works Park from 9.00 to 19.00. To begin your walk is with bridges, which are perfectly clear to the lions. Viewing the bridges have a length of almost one kilometer. But the lions, they are still cats, however, are large. As their home to gather they are very much asleep. They go for a walk early in the morning, closer to dawn and in the evening. So come here for a few hours is not worth it. Have to go for the whole day.

There are not only lions, but also tigers. Take SLR cameras Nikon. You will surely have to make some photos with the adorable kitten. Little tiger is even possible to scratch behind the ear, maybe he’ll even paulicat. There in the Park and giraffes, a whole family. Not so long ago, giraffes had a baby. It was called Zanzibar

In addition to the Safari in the Park you can visit a small zoo, where children will visit very interesting. There is a zoo, which is home to the most exotic animals and birds. Be sure to ride the Ferris wheel. With it you can admire the steppe Crimea, as well as reservoir Taigan.

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