What is rune — a bit of history

What is rune - a bit of history

Runes known since ancient times knowledge of them was transmitted mainly from teacher to student in oral form and not recorded – no wonder the meaning of the word «fleece» goes back to old Germanic «mystery».

Runes only in very General terms can be called magical signs. It is a system that helps to establish a connection with the forces of nature. Each of the characters, according to legend, has a sacred origin, is a certain quality of energy and has many interpretations. In ancient times they were used for housing, household items and worship, a weapon of the individual runes and their combination carrying a specific function. Now runes are one of the most common magical practices, including divination using runes you can describe different situations. Everyone can buy runes and learn how to use them. However, it is believed that to read the runes more complicated than Tarot. Story, depicted on the map at once creates a lot of associations and interpretations, while when working with the runes we are only dealing with a pure character. Therefore, the runes, like any magic system that requires not only acquaintance with the theory, but constant practice.

What runes do? First, draw. No matter on what surface, even in the air – anyway, you are investing in a symbol of his power, the idea and intention. Second, to enhance the effect of the rune, its name can sing, to repeat myself recitative, etc.

The runic alphabet is called Futhark – the names of the first letters (like our «Alphabet»). There are Classic Futhark, known since ancient times and Armaneashcedeveloped on the basis of classic Austrian occultist Guido von list in the early 20th century. «The elder Futhark» more popular and widespread – its origins are lost in antiquity, so it for centuries vindicated its usefulness. Each of the characters has some values: predictive, magical and literal. That means each rune can predict the development of events, to carry out magical rituals and write.

If the runes hobby grows into a serious practice, it is desirable to make a set of runes on their own, to establish strong ties and continue to keep your set avoided contact with anyone whatsoever else. For making use of natural materials – wood, stone, clay. The pouch that holds the runes must also be made of natural fabrics. Even better, if it is somehow decorated as a testimony of Your respect and love to its content.

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