What is pre-fabricated buildings from sandwich panels?

What is pre-fabricated buildings from sandwich panels?

One of the most progressive industries today is the construction sector. It is astonishing with what speed and frequency appear and introduced fresh technological methods, more advanced, practical materials, which quickly begin to «play first fiddle» in the building materials market. So, in the most sought after materials for modern construction include sandwich panels. They significantly speed up the construction of buildings, reduce construction costs and to preserve the reliability and quality of construction.

What is the difference between a sandwich panel from other «competitors»?

A number of characteristics making it truly unique. First and foremost, is a three-layer panel design, where each layer performs its functions. The two outer layers (from the room side and from the front), that give structural strength, provide protection from the aggressive effects of the environment, including from ultraviolet radiation, corrosive effects, bacteriological and chemical damage. A third inner layer provides maximum thermal and sound insulation in the room.

To provide the required parameters in the structure of sandwich panels , various types of materials, including galvanized steel and various types insulation gaskets: extruded polystyrene, mineral wool or polyurethane foam. In the manufacture of sandwich panels, each of the surfaces definitely is treated with a special compound liquid primer, then covered with plastic film and then painted.

What are the different types of sandwich panels?

  • Wall. The design of the sandwich wall panels composed of sheet metal or plastic and a layer of filler-insulator between them. The thickness of such a panel can be from 5 to 20 cm They are mounted on a frame of any kind, connecting interlocks. These panels are a great choice for a wide range of buildings, both residential and industrial or commercial nature.
  • Roofing. This type of panel has structural differences: the use of different materials for all segments of the population. Top is a specialized corrugated sheet metal, medium, insulation – polystyrene or mineral plate, bottom sheets with laminated coating. The thickness of the roofing sandwich panels can range from 4 to 20 cm a Special device locks placed on the edge side, does not allow moisture to seep inside.

What are the main advantages of sandwich panels?

The leading advantages of this building material, which allowed him to quickly become a staple in modern construction, include:

  1. the simplicity of the device;
  2. wide functionality;
  3. reliability and high durability.

All this allows to recommend the sandwich panel as a good choice for the construction of any type of construction projects. To buy this material here.

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