What is good about e-books?

What is good about e-books?

Currently, paper books go deeper into the past and become more collectible than a useful tool of leisure. Increasingly people reading ebooks on your smartphone or tablet. E-books are not only comfortable and practical, but also can reduce deforestation for paper production. Few people think about it, but the fact remains! In addition, these books are much more accessible because you can download books for free without registration just a few minutes from the comfort of your sofa.

There is a perception that smartphones and PDAs have a detrimental effect on eyesight. Eyes get tired, there is a feeling of drowsiness. All this can be avoided if you correctly configure the contrast of the screen of the smartphone or read books on e-book reader with the technology of E-ink. They imitate real paper sheet and, therefore, does not damage eyesight. This technology has been already developed in the distant 1970, but in sale only since 1992. E-books on this technology are able to withstand a month of periodic readings and to be in an enabled state. The fact that such a book readers use the battery only when changing the image on the screen. You can also note the small size of e-books, if the paper library is able to occupy an entire room and weighs several tons, it is literally the same library but in electronic form is one pocket of your jeans and will weigh about 150 grams. There are many producers of e-readers, the most popular of them is Amazon Kindle, PocketBook, Kobo, Onyx, oysters, etc., you Can easily pick up a book on color, size, price and quality.

But not without a spoon of tar. E-books have low performance so you can play modern games or watch a fascinating film unfortunately will not work. Also, these books will not be able to read in the dark. But this shortcoming is solved by a separate purchase special lights mounted to the case or to the reader, although some more expensive models it is built into the book. In contrast to their housing and LCD counterparts, a large part of the e-readers only display in black and white shades. Of course there are exceptions, such as models with the technology of E-ink Triton support a large number of colors. But they seem dim and faded in the background of the tablet screens.

But still the book for them to read, those who enjoy turning interesting books above drawbacks should not stop from buying book reader. But if you want to play games, communicate in social networks, watch movies or listen to your favorite music it is better to look for a portable device among tablet computers.

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