What is better to choose a camera bag?

What is better to choose a camera bag?

Digital cameras nowadays already widespread household gadget. An increasing number of people realize the advantage of storing all their photos and videos digitally. With the proliferation of digital cameras among ordinary photo enthusiasts, the question arises about their proper storage. What is better to choose a camera bag?

Camera bag from Crumpler

When we say ‘camera bag‘, the first brand that comes to mind is a ‘Crumpler’. Firm ‘Crumpler’ is on the market a special place, developing the most fashionable bags for cameras. Its products are sold all over the world. Many critics could argue that the bags ‘Crumpler’ not quite, but it’s not true. For example, the bag DA120 is one of the most durable, and, according to the site technoportal/fototekhnika.html among the ten best bags for cameras.

Some models, of course, still inferior to the attractiveness of appearance, but wins in safety performance. On the sides they have multi-layer padding, which protects your device from bumps. The top layer of the bags are made of very durable material, so you should not be afraid of street thieves, they will not be able to cut your bag.

Bags Domke

Bags firms ‘Domke’ (Domke) are more suitable for professional photographers. Their bags can be divided into several compartments, which can simultaneously hold multiple lenses, chargers, batteries and the camera. And all this in one bag. Bags of this company has long been loved by photographers all over the world. But the main drawback of these bags is that the material of the top not sufficiently waterproof.

It’s still a significant drawback. If you’re in the woods, you have to ensure maximum protection of your camera from the elements, especially from rain.

Bags for camera from the M-Rock Denali

There are several manufacturers who design bags specially for such conditions. The most popular of these is ‘M-rock Denali’ (M-Rock Denali). The company recently announced the release of a special open bags for the camera. It has protection from rain in the form of a valve and a thick inner padding of an impermeable foam material that provides maximum protection from the rain.

The bags from this company also have multiple compartments that are designed to accommodate CD players, chargers, water bottles and even binoculars. This is the perfect bag for travel.

Bags for the camera from Delsey

The company ‘Delsey’ (Delsey) went even further and combined in one bag style, safety and functionality. Their latest release, the Delsey bag, Gopix (Delsey Gopix), surprisingly easy. Each element used to create the bags ‘Delsey’ takes place on the factory test of strength. This ensures maximum benefit for customers, and also extends the life of these bags.

The final conclusion

The company ‘Crumpler’ and ‘Lowepro’ are leaders in the market of bags for the camera. Handbags company ‘Domke’ are not good for street, but are still considered as favorites among Amateurs and professionals. ‘Delsey’ and ‘M rock’ is slowly but surely gaining market share, but they need a lot of time to catch up with leaders like ‘Crumpler’ and ‘Lowepro’.

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