What is band saw wood and how to select it?

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Natural resources such as wood and metal, many centuries to support mankind in the fight for survival, so their use cannot be overemphasized. A lot of people happy to use technology in working with wood and metal, that allows you to quickly bring ideas to life. In this article we will explain what a bandsaw is wood, consider its functionality and performance, as well as give advice on the choice.

The bandsaw is a tool which has on one side a lot of sharp teeth that can quickly spray items. The saw is made in the form of a flexible strip, which closed in a circle.

The use of a bandsaw

Bandsaw, is widely known in wood processing. They can be large, for processing of felled trees or jointer’s to work with small parts during furniture manufacturing. Enough to buy a band saw and joiner’s work will become more efficient and productive. Using a band saw, you can build houses, make furniture, and small items of applied art (boxes, toys).

Which bandsaw to choose?

Two main categories of drinking, it’s for working with wood or metal.

Consider band saw blades for woodthat is intended for woodworking. So:

  • alloy saw blades. The manufacture of such drinking, has a high strength and a high degree of wear.
  • carbon saws. The production of such saws made from carbon steel of high quality.

Each band saw can be sharpened and are designed for different types of processing of wood.

Let us consider:

  • Saw with sharpened tooth and divorced. Such a tool is immediately fully ready for operation, and distinguishes it from the next model. Saw fully cope with all types of wood processing.
  • Notched saw tooth profiled. It is welded to the ring saw that before work is necessary to breed and sharpen. This saw is considered the most affordable as well as good to its characteristics presented in the work.
  • Saw, ready to work with tempered tooth. This saw is fully tuned and divorced. Additional opportunity is tempered tip of the tooth, which allows to make the cut faster and more accurate.
  • Bimetal saw consists of the combined materials of steel and welded to it bystroletov. Additional technical specifications, high-precision show the result of the saw blade. Such ribbon saws, is the so-called normalization, whereby the work becomes more accurate and need less sharpening.
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