What is attractive real estate in Yalta

What is attractive real estate in Yalta

Wanted to buy real estate in Yaltaand means, you know what is the cost of these apartments was never developed. I’m over 50, health problems, that the doctor prescribed, as for Chekhov, feet warm to keep. Then the son returned from a long foreign trip and offered his help. Says granddaughter will grandfather all summer to bring, As they say, seduced my son, so I decided to buy an apartment.

This purpose appealed to the Bureau of real estate and I recommend to buy an apartment in Yalta here dom-shop.org. Here are responsive and highly professional realtors, they immediately realized that I most suitable. I have a lot of years, there’s a lot more to see, but somehow the soul lies more to something solid, substantial. Opted for the apartment house, built in 40-50-ies of the last century. They are often called stalinki. The house is located on the street of Kal Marx, in the city center. Meter wall to keep cool even in the hot summer, the apartment is completely soundproof. At the beginning it was somehow strange, previously lived in the panel house could say with certainty what the neighbor when to clean or turns on the TV. The house was built in those other traditions, however, I do like clean, neat, and thorough.

The house, as I mentioned, is located in the historic center of the resort, I was lucky enough to buy an apartment, so I practically did nothing, except sanitary paint and some cosmetic repairs. These Stalinist buildings necessarily give up with a cozy courtyard. I liked that it is surrounded by subtropical vegetation. Together with the apartment to me moved and land or parcel of land. The fact that in Stalin’s houses is practiced and is practiced today, and Yalta is no exception. The plot is fenced, you can grow something. There is also a shed, which can be useful for different needs. Equipped with Parking for cars. At first it was hard to get used to the high ceilings, and they are here from a height of 4 meters, kitchen of pleasing all amenities, spacious rooms. That can not but rejoice, as is the proximity not only to the sea but also to the famous promenade.

Living here for the second year and, despite temporary difficulties, I like it here, last summer vacationing here son with my grandson. Here, too, he liked everything, especially the dolphins. The mixture of mountain and sea air do the healing. Here I feel much healthier. In General, if there is a desire and possibility, and especially if they are the same, I advise you to buy a property in this amazing city. Not to say that it is cheap, but in this case, ocenka worth the candle, especially because real estate is a reliable way of investing.

I would like to thank the Agency for the sale of real estate. Ads in the city for the sale of apartments «without intermediaries» much, but «without intermediaries» from time to time. In Yalta, as in any resort, people live different. Don’t want to tempt fate – please consult a professional, so reliable.

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