What is a modular picture

What is a modular picture

History of the polyptych, or, as it’s called, «modular pattern«, stretches back to the Renaissance. One of the major artists of that time decided to paint a separate part of the composition of his paintings on different canvases, and then placed them close to each other, to get the whole image. And, at a later time, such paintings and reliefs often used, for example, in the design of the altars of Church councils. The polyptych was created by such famous painters as Peter Rubens, Simone Martini, Hieronymus Bosch.

Everything new is well forgotten old, and the fashion for such paintings is born again in Europe and around the world. Indeed, they are an unusual sight. They constitute one picture, which, however, made to separate closely spaced to each other fragments. Modular pattern adds some zest to your interior, forcing you to take a new look at art, and your guests to admire. Your home will look special fashionable.

Want to change bedroom decor or completely redo your living room? Create a special space or to introduce your children to art? Don’t forget to buy a modular picture!

In any case we must not forget about the kitchen: this element of decor will breathe life into the walls here. And bathroom it probably will turn into a stunning Spa.

How are manufactured modular pattern

Modular paintings are made by different technologies, but is particularly popular paintings on canvas and on glass. The first method provide for printing photos on canvas equipment, which provides excellent color reproduction. These paintings are ideal for your bedroom or living room. The paintings on glass executed by another technology: the inner side of glass glued adhesive tape printed on it the photo. Pictures made this way are perfect for your bathroom or kitchen, as well as they resist moisture and care for them is very simple.

To select which basis should be manufactured your modular picture, only you. If the conditions of its future operation and satisfy the purchase of one kind and another, it just depends on your taste.

Where can you buy a modular pattern

To purchase prints, you will be able in many stores. For example, the online store Diva Kartina for a very affordable and reasonable price will open doors for you into the wonderful world of polyptych for decorating the walls. You will discover a huge collection of the polyptych of the best quality that will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of art.

It is necessary to add that no other store probably will not be able to give you that choice and that freedom. In addition to a huge selection of pictures, you can also create a picture on their own. You can create the sketch of the future of the polyptych: choose your photo, size of parts, their location and the size of the entire composition as a whole.


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